Review was made of eating "Oden" of Sukiya who could eat 5 items at 250 yen

As autumn gets deeper and winter approaches, I want a warm menu. Even at convenience stores it is a season for meat and oden to follow the cashier side, but also from the Sukiya from October 18, 2017 for a limited time for "OdenAppears. I tried eating with "Wagyu beef sukiyaki rice bowl" that appeared at the same time, what kind of thing is oden made by Sukiya known as a beef bowl nationwide chain.

Notification of sale of new menu (oden) | Sukiya

Notification of sale of new menu (Japanese beef sukiyaki rice bowl) | Sukiya

Arrived Sukiya.

When sitting in the seat and placing an order, the desk had a Japanese beef sukiyaki rice bowl and an oden sticker on it.

After a while the oden potato set of Japanese beef sukiyaki rice arrived.

Oden was contained in a bowl that is one size larger than the one for miso soup. Even with one hand, it is large enough to hold the bottom a little deeper, but the oden was stewed and it came out in a hot state.

Oden's seeds are radish, fried fish, konnyaku, kombu roll, rolled cabbage. Overall the seeds are slightly smaller compared to common oden, making it a bite size.

A small dish got out with the mustard, so I tried to give the radish to a small dish. It is semicircular and cut slightly thin rather than a thick round slice.

I will put on mustard. Bonito and kelp dashi often stain and are soaked softly with chopsticks all the time.

In the roll cabbage meat was contained properly inside. Cabbage has also been cooked firmly, but it has never become a vigor, it is crispy and crispy crisp.

Oden can be ordered even with a single item, but you can set it on a bowl as in this case. "Oden Tamago set" comes with oden and egg, but if it is "Oden three-piece set" it will also come with Oshin. Oshii with Oshima's sourness and Oden's sweetness did not match well, so it is better to match Oshika to beef donball to the last.

Although oden comes with mustard, of course you can also use the tabletop Nanami chilli pepper.

This is Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki Don bowl. Not only meat but also Chinese cabbage, carrots, leeks, white water falls plenty.

Once you have melted eggs, you will have meat of Japanese beef sukiyaki rice bowl. That meat uses Japanese domestic black beef, it has a volume of one piece larger than ordinary beef bowl, it is soft and finished.

Because it is "sukiyaki", the seasoning is quite sweet, and when you apply the melted egg from above, the taste turns more mellow. Also, surprisingly Oden's gentle dish and Japanese beef sukiyaki rice bowl's rich flavor matches and it is quite ant if you catch it as a stewed dish rather than oden.

What kind of thing is Oden's bamboo oden ...? Although it seems to me, the taste is an ordinary oden. It is not a sweet soy sauce based dashi, but it is a nice place to have kelp and skipjack. It is somewhat lacking major points such as eggs and hamburgers, but it is quite reasonable for 250 yen with 5 items osmotically stained oden. In the season when it begins to get cold, you can expect to be active as a soup substitute for pork soup and miso soup.

Oddin of Sukiya is limited for period from October 18, 2017 but it is 250 yen including tax separately at Sukiya store nationwide, Oden oshinko set and oden egg set 280 yen including tax, 3 ounces set including tax 330 yen including tax It is provided in. Also, Japanese beef sukiyaki rice bowl will be offered for a limited time only from October 18th, with a population of 690 yen including tax.

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