IFixit disassembled apart from Apple Watch Series 3, what inside changed what changed?

It just appeared on September 22, 2017iPhone 8 PlusIn addition,First generation Apple WatchYaApple Watch Series 2We disassembled the digital terminals such as disassembled and revealed the structure inside the terminaliFixitHowever, the latest Apple Watch's "Apple Watch Series 3We also disassemble them apart and publish reports.

Apple Watch Series 3 Teardown - iFixit

This is the body part of the Apple Watch Series 3.

It is like this when X-ray photography is taken before disassembling the main body. Although the overall structure does not change much from the original Apple Watch, it seems that there is extra space near the speaker (lower right of the photo).

In order to show that it actually is the Apple Watch Series 3 to disassemble, the letters of "Series 3" on the back and ... ...

If you check the model number "A1889" in the groove part with the band removed, it is ok.

In the iPhone 8/8 Plus, all but the characters of "iPhone" disappeared from the back, but in the case of Apple Watch Series 3, there is the character "Desidned by Apple in California" in the groove part across the band .

So, decomposition work started from here. First place the warmed iOpener on the display and melt the adhesive ......

Remove the display by inserting a thin and hard plate like thing such as a cutter or a knife.

When opening with Pakari, you can see that the ribbon cable is connected between the display and the main body.

This is like removing the ribbon cable. The process of removing the display is completely unchanged from Apple Watch Series 2.

This is the display removed. "Analog Devices 343 S 00092" of the touch controller in the red frame part, "NFC module"PN 80V"The yellow frame part seems to be a space which is not used. The number of ICs on the Apple Watch Series 3 display seems to be less than Apple Watch Series 2, and iFixit says "probably was not important."

continue64 Bit Driver KitWe will disassemble parts inside the main unit using. First from "Taptic Engine" which occupies about one third of the main body.

Peel off the sticker on the Taptic Engine and seem to be connected to the battery ......

Remove the battery first.

This is the battery of the Apple Watch Series 3. The battery capacity of the Apple Watch Series 3 is 279 mAh, which is about 4% higher than that of Apple Watch Series 2.

The back of the battery is like this.

Then remove the parts that are attached along the edge of the enclosure. In this red frame part is a Force Touch sensor, here is the capacitance sensor · controller "Analog Devices AD7149-1ACBZ"Is embedded.

Then take out the Taptic Engine peeled off the seal ... ...

Remove the antenna array containing the GPS antenna.

Furthermore, pick up side speakers with tweezers ......

Remove the main board.

On the red frame part of the substrate, ST "Microelectronics"(PDF)ST33G1M2"ARM's 32-bit MCU"SC 300 Processor"And iFixit sees the Apple Watch Series 3 eSIM here. The other part is, orange frame in part Wi-Fi seems to module "Avago AFEM-8057", "78109-12" of SkyWorks the yellow frame part, the green frame portion "FY LEE C7P", light blue frame part There is "FF1A02" in the frame part, "339M00035" in the blue frame part.

The back side of the board.

Finally, remove the heart rate sensor that is fixed to the main body housing part.

This is a wireless charging coil, it is said that some changes have been made from the conventional model to correspond to most Qi terminals.

In the Apple Watch Series 3, the barometric altimeter has moved to the side of the microphone, so the vent moves next to the diagnostic port.

That's why it is like this when all disassembled parts are arranged. Although iFixit says "Replacing the watchband is easy" "Although it is difficult to replace the screen, it is possible" "Although replacing the battery is also impossible, it is not impossible," but incredibly small screws hinder repair Point and board level repair is almost impossible.

The degree of difficulty of disassembling and repairing is evaluated as 6 in 10 steps (the lower the score, the higher the difficulty), and the iPhone 8 Plus announced at the same timingSame difficulty levelis.

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