Disassembly and repair of the new "MacBook Pro 13-inch model" is found to be extremely difficult by the decomposition report of iFixit

Apple long-awaited "MacBook Pro"Was released on October 28, 2016, but the repair and disassembly group'sIFixitI will decompose it immediately. I found that the new MacBook Pro is a structure that is extremely difficult to disassemble and repair, one step before the highest level.

MacBook Pro 13 "Function Keys Late 2016 Teardown - iFixit

The state of disassembling work of the new MacBook Pro by iFixit can be confirmed in the following movie.

Late 2016 13 "Macbook Pro (With Function Keys) Teardown Review! - YouTube

New MacBook Pro The biggest change is the display type function key called "Touch Bar". However, this time iFixit disassembles the MacBook Pro 13 inch model without Touch Bar.

Confirm the structure with X-rays before disassembly. The CPU is equipped with Core i 5 (up to 3.1 GHz dual core) of the 6th generation IntelCore processor, 8 GB of LPDDR 3 memory, and SSD of PCI - Express connection.

There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the side.

Unlike iPhone 7 series, 3.5 mm earphone jack is installed.

In case the new model number "A1708"

MacBookCompared with the trackpad giant, it is obvious at a glance.

We start to disassemble. First, remove 6 Apple specific screws on the bottom. By the way, there are 8 or 10 screws on the bottom of the MacBook in the past, 6 is the smallest in the past.

Removing the bottom panel allows access to the interior.

A screw head with a large T5 screw fixes the connector for the battery.

When you remove the cover, the connector is disconnected.

Make sure the connector is disconnected and remove the trackpad. It is very easy to remove the trackpad.

A red frame is a chip made by ST Microelectronics "STM32F103VB", ARM's Cortex-M 3 MCU is carried. Orange frame is Broadcom's touch controller "BCM 5976 C1 KUFBG"

Removable Taptic engine with electromagnet.

Then remove the battery. Battery attached with adhesive, iFixit special made "IOpenerRemove it with a set.

Insert a card-like tool also under the trackpad to separate the battery.

The battery removal work requires patience.

The removed battery consists of three cells.

The capacity is 54.5 Wh, which is reduced by 27% compared to the 2015 model MacBook Pro.

Convert Lightning and headphone jacks to the board that controls the batteryDongleIs carried.

Next, disassembling work of SSD. Remove the protective seal first.

The SSD of the PCI - Express connection installed in the new MacBook Pro is like this. It is an interface unique to Apple that does not conform to standards such as M.2.

Four NAND flash memory "SanDisk" SDRQKBDC4 064 G "is installed, securing a total storage capacity of 256 GB. Orange frame is Apple chip "338S00227"

On the back is Texas Instruments' 58879D MOSFET (yellow frame), Micron's 512 MB DDR 2 memory (green frame).

Removing Micron's DDR2 memory, Apple 's SSD controller "338S00199" appeared.

Next to SSD, disassembly work of the speaker unit. Removing screw with vibration damping mechanism ......

I could remove the speaker.

Next, the operation to remove the logic board.

Release the screws attached to the logic board ......

Successful removal of the heat pipe.

High-speed synchro LPDDR3 memory made by SKhynix with a red frame is Intel "Core i 5 - 6460 U", orange frame is SKhynix's high speed synchronous LPDDR 3 memory, yellow frame is WiFi module "339 S 025" of Universal Scientific Industrial, green frame is Intel's Thunderbolt 3 controllerJHL 6540"

The light blue frame is Texas Instruments 'synchronous step-down NexFET'58873D"Blue frame is Broadcom's camera processor" BCM 15700 A 2 ", purple frame is Micron's DDR 3 L memory"MT 41 K 256 M 16 TW-107"

The back of the logic board. High-speed synchronous LPDDR 3 memory made by SKhynix with red frame, "SN 650839 66 AL 7 XWGI" made by Texas Instruments orange frame, "CD 3215 B 03 66 AQ 8 YW G 1" with yellow frame by Texas Instruments, serial flash memory "W 25 Q 64 FV" with a green frame of "W 25 Q 64 FV" Texas Instruments system controller "TM4EA231 H6ZXRI", The blue frame is the audio chip of Cirrus Logic"CS42L63A"

The headphone jack is fixed to the bottom of the fan with tape. From this simple structure, iFixit points out the possibility that the next MacBook Pro will remove the headphone jack.

Thin sirocco fan

Wind noise is minimized by Apple's original specification that arranges the blades equidistantly at "non".

For the display board, "B1332 BDPA 090 BX 1605" (red frame), National Semiconductor "67 A 800 U 49 B 1 - 04" (Orange frame) ... ...

Made by NXP "LPC 812"(Green frame), manufactured by Texas Instruments"TPS65158"

The antenna is carried in the side part of the main body.

Removing the display ... ....

Newly designed hinge system. High accuracy hinge partinjection moldingIFixit expects it to be.

The butterfly structure of the key is evolving, unlike the MacBook.

So by arranging the parts of the new MacBook Pro it looks like this.

The decomposition difficulty of the new MacBook Pro by iFixit (the lower the numerical value, the more difficult it is) is "2" in 10 steps and it is in a very difficult class. About the reason of high difficulty iFixit says, "To use proprietary screws to make it difficult to disassemble" "Strong bonding of the battery" "Memory is soldered to the logic board, repair · "It is impossible to exchange," "I adopt proprietary PCI - Express connection SSD" is cited.

Although it is a new MacBook Pro that has been found to be very difficult to disassemble and repair, iFixit seems to disassemble the model with "Touch Bar" and release the report soon.

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