"Digital take over" for the first time the White House experiences with the birth of the new president

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Mr. Donald Trump and Senator Hillary Clinton literally battle intensely The 45th presidential election in the United States was held on November 8, 2016, and the winners were officially elected in early January 2017 The new president will be born on January 20th after deciding. This replacement drama is also called "Transition of Power", and it is time for change to occur even inside the White House where the President works. However, in this election, "digital power transition" which the White House has never experienced has become a big theme, and interesting measures are to be taken.

The Digital Transition: How the Presidential Transition Works in the Social Media Age | whitehouse.gov

Due to the widespread use of the Internet in the world, the President of the United States can no longer ignore its influence. Barack Obama 44th President of the United States in 2015First time tweetsThen,Start sending out on FacebookOrInterview on YouTubeIt can be said that he was the president who adopted the transmission method which was quite digital among the presidents of the past such as receiving it.

In addition, like a movie below, using a Snapchat filtering function as a monster, you can take a picture of coming off with a wife's first lady, Mr. Michelle Obama, being "crying out" with a comedy touch Even being appealing the connection with the digital generation. (Incidentally, in this movie, it is said at the window of the government office that "You need a birth certificate if you do not have a license," it also seems that you are submitting a certificate saying "It's real" It seems to be a response to Mr. Donald Trump who was accused of being accused of being born)

Couch Commander - YouTube

As in keeping pace with President Obama, the White House was born again as "WhiteHouse 2.0" which adopted a system of blogs, RSS, mailing list, etc. by renewing the website in 2009 when Mr. Obama took office as President.

WhiteHouse 2.0 | whitehouse.gov

In this way, since the Obama administration, many information on the president has been transmitted through the digital in the White House. Now that the Obama administration is about to end, how to keep those assets and take "digital takeover" is being considered. Nonetheless, there is no precedent for such an effort in the White House, so it is said that the following three points are carefully prepared as the main goal.

First of all, all materials such as tweets and photographs sent so far, as well as documents, faxes and e-mails of the past registers that have been saved so farNational Archives of Records Administration(National Archives and Records Administration:NARA) Digital document archive system "Electronic Records Archives(ERA) "It is stored. Next, the materials saved in this manner are to be preserved as original platforms such as Twitter and YouTube, and it is supposed to guarantee that they will remain in viewable state. And even under the next presidential administration, regardless of partisanship, it is important to utilize and develop digital assets that can directly connect with the people so far.

In the White House, we divide the items into items such as social media and websites, and set out the following policies.

◆ Social media
The Twitter account "@ POTUS" used by President Obama (PResidentOFTHeUNitedSTates) will be used by the 45th president who will be chosen next from January 20, 2017 as it is. The current follower of 11 million will be handed over as it is, but all past tweets are reset and start from the state of zero. President Obama's remarks so far are handed over to the new account "@ POTUS 44" as it is, and accounts are to be managed by NARA. Similar measures are also taken for accounts such as "@ WhiteHouse", "@ Flash Start", "@ PressSec" related to the Obama administration.

President Obama (@ POTUS) | Twitter

Accounts of Instagram and Facebook's White House are also reset, and the history under the Obama administration is stored by NARA with "Instagram.com/ObamaWhiteHouse and" facebook.com/ObamaWhiteHouse "viewable respectively. Also, the account name of "President, Vice President, Mrs. Michelle" is also changed to "44" added account name, and it is supposed to be kept by NARA.

Also, Medium, Tumblr and YouTube accounts will take actions similar to those.

◆ "We the People"
Online petition acceptance platform managed by the White House started in September 2011 "We the People"Currently, 12 million certified users are registered, and 470,000 pleas are received. The plea in We the People that the presence is increasing with each passing year, and the record of the correspondence of White House to it is also scheduled to be kept by NARA.

◆ WhiteHouse.gov
Clinton administrationandBush administrationAs with January 20, 2017, the White House website under the Obama administration has been frozen, after that it will be ready for viewing at "ObamaWhiteHouse.gov". The 45th President's administration will use the WhiteHouse.gov domain.

The White House | whitehouse.gov

◆ Videos and photos
In the 8-year Obama administration, millions of videos and photo data were created. All of these are archived by NARA and published according to the presidential record law. Also, photos submitted to Flickr and Instagram, videos uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo etc will also be managed by NARA and will continue to be published with a new account with "44" attached.

◆ Widely publish other data
In addition to the measures mentioned above, the White House has announced a policy to widely disclose various data to American citizens. We are widely dissenting opinions on how to do it,This page of the White HouseIt is possible to access from.

While looking at the presidential election, only the confrontation between the two candidates will look out, but in fact it is clear that such preparations are steadily progressing even under the water. Even so, there is something that is roaring in the United States, as expected though logical and systematic correspondence about how to move to a new account and its attitude.

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