The "iPad mini 4" proved that the design design of the upper model iPad Air series has been incorporated considerably

As hidden in iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and iPad Pro, quietly newly appeared "IPad mini 4"Of the gadget decomposition and repair groupIFixitIt is decomposing immediately. The contents of iPad mini 4 seems to have intentionally reduced the exposure at the presentation so that it is inconspicuous, the contents of iPad mini 4 contains plenty of thin design adopted in the upper model iPad Air series, "iPad It is clear that it is designed to be called Air mini.

IPad Mini 4 Teardown - iFixit

The iPad mini 4 is equipped with a 7.9 inch liquid crystal display as with the iPad mini series so far. The A8 chip built in the same M8 motion coprocessor as iPhone 6 is adopted as SoC.

The one disassembled this time is "Model A 1538"

IPad mini 4 (top) is 6.1 mm thick. 7.5 mm thickIPad mini 3(Bottom) on top of each other, you can see that it was significantly thinned. In addition, the bottom speaker also has been changed to 1 row with thinning.

The iPad mini 4 has a microphone so as to sandwich the iSight camera (rear camera).

The gold color is the same color as that of iPhone 6.

Familiar in the decomposition report of iFixitIOpenerThen melt the adhesive of the side part with heat.

While screwing the Pick into the gap, I will lift the display.

On the display surface of the iPad mini 4IPad Air 2The same whole laminate is adopted, and thanks to this it succeeded in significantly thinning. However, "I have to prepare for a great increase in parts replacement cost in case of damage," iFixit.

When I removed the display, I could see a large flat battery. According to iFixit, the iPad mini 4 is said to be similar in arrangement and design to say "iPad Air 2 Miniature".

Remove the very small screw and remove the metal cover.

Ideal for full size iPad battery connector removalBattery Isolation PickEven without it, in the case of iPad mini 4, it is possible to detach even common tools.

Successfully removed the display. As you can see from the fact that the display resolution is 2048 x 1536, the pixel density is 326 ppi and there is no change from iPad mini 3, there seems to be no major change on the display itself.

The parts of Touch ID which were first installed in iPad mini 3 are exactly the same even on iPad mini 4.

The battery is changed ali. IPad mini 3 on the left and iPad mini 4 on the right. The iPad mini 4 has become thinner as the enclosure becomes thinner, and the battery cell is also a single type and capacity is decreasing.

The place surrounded by the orange frame is changed by the sensor for brightness detection. Also, the yellow frame FaceTime camera (front camera) is also slimmer. What is indicated by the green frame is an added plastic spacer.

The antenna is divided into half size, one is like the iPad Air on the top and the other is mounted on the bottom like the previous iPad mini.

In the thinned iPad mini 4, parts are arranged like a puzzle so as not to waste a little space.

Then remove the rear camera unit.

Like the iPad Air series, the rear camera has been upgraded to 8 million pixels, but the front camera is still limited to 1.2 million pixels, which makes it clear that Apple positions the iPad mini series as a subordinate model of the iPad I will.

Logic board (motherboard) is a long and thin part next to the battery.

A red frame is SoC 's A8 chip and Hynix' s LPDDR 3 SDRAM memory (2 GB) is siblings. Orange frame is also NAND flash for storage, also made by Hynix. The yellow frame NFC controller65 V 10And green frame M8 motion coprocessorLPC 18 B 1 UKIs made by NXP Semiconductor. A light blue frame is an audio codec chip338S1213, The blue frame is the display interface IC chip1610A1It has become.

Enlarging the tip of the logic board. Red frame is for Wi-Fi module339S00045, Orange frame is the digitizer controllerBCM 5976. The yellow frame is made by Texas Instruments also confirmed on iPad Air 2343S 0583Chip.

The decomposition difficulty of iPad mini 4 judged by iFixit is "2" in 10 steps and it is quite difficult to evaluate. There is a risk that the logic board is not soldered but there is a risk of breakage when the liquid crystal panel is molded integrally, the lightning connector is soldered to the logic board, the Touch of the home button That is why it is necessary to remove the display first in order to replace the home button so as not to break the ID function.

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