Stop motion animation "Paint." Painting Lego with paint

A movie that makes Lego Block as a canvas or a paint and makes a piece of painting "Paint.Is on YouTube. Stop motion expresses how the gray canvas is painted with LEGO paint and turns into a LEGO block as soon as paint is taken out of the tube.

Paint. A Short Lego Film - YouTube

First of all, I will lay down newspaper so that the desk will not become dirty. I am committed to being a LEGO specification on paper and photographs.

Take out the box somehow ......

When I opened it carelessly, there were colorful paints.

Pick out the desired color and place it on the edge of the desk. If you look closely inside the box, the Lego dolls are secretly hidden behind the paints.

Next, arrange gray plates and white tiles.

Furthermore, brushes with different thicknesses ......

There is also a glass bottle with water and a large red tube.

The production of the picture started when the preparation is complete. First take a tube ... ...

Take out the paint on the white tile. Apparently the tiles are used as a palette.

Then the paint that was liquid changed to a red Lego block.

Then pick up a flat brush.

It seems that I paint a brush on the water of the glass bottle and it is moistening the tip of the brush.

When I put a paint on the brush on the palette, the brush brush turned into a red Lego block.

Just prepare a brush with Chong Chung ......

Move the brush on the gray block suddenly and the block in the part traced with the brush changes red.

Petapeta, and replace the paint with a brush.

I also paint the block red in portrait orientation. The gray plate is a canvas.

When we finish painting the block square ......

Put the brush in the glass bottle and move the brush tip finely.

Then, the water in the glass bottle stained red, and the red paint attached to the brush tip was taken.

Then open the small paint tube ... ...

Take out a small amount of paint on the pallet.

Petapeta white paint on a thin flat brush.

Turn around the canvas and turn.

I paint finely the canvas's border with white paint.

Leaving the margin on the upper left, also punch the white paint without clearance also in the right border.

After painting, wash the brush with water.

Next I took out the blue paint.

In the same way put a paint on the brush tip ... ...

I fill in the upper left square of the square.

After finishing using the blue paint, red and blue mixed with purple.

Next, take out a little yellow paint.

Fill one corner of the corner with yellow.

Finally I took out the black paint.

It seems to use a thinner brush than before.

Pick a little paint at the brush tip ... ...

I will draw a black line on the boundary between the red part and the white part.

I add sharpness by placing a black line on the white part.

Looking at something watching the completed picture.

Rotate the canvas cleanly ... ....

It seems that it was convincing this time.

Put it in the forehead and decorate it on the wall,Piet MondrianCompletion of stunning Lego abstract paintings of the wind.

In addition, I made a movieCheesyBricksBesides "Paint." I also have released various short movies using Lego on YouTube's own channel.

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