Disassemble iPhone 8 Plus apart, glass panel on the back breaks once it breaks

IFixit, which has disassembled a number of digital devices and created reports,iPhone 8 Plus"We are breaking apart. From the iPhone 8 Plus, the back side has been changed from aluminum to glass, but this glass panel seems to be a part which is difficult to disassemble beyond imagination.

iPhone 8 Plus Teardown - iFixit

IPhone 8 Plus with A11 Bionic chip is an iPhone with 5.5 inch resolution 1920 x 1080 display. Besides the display size, the difference with iPhone 8 is the 12 megapixel dual camera on the back. It is the new color gold that decomposes, but the surface does not change from iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

However, since the back side has been changed to a glass panel, if you take it in your hand, you will receive a quite different impression than before. In addition, the back side was changed to a glass panel because it came to support wireless charging from the iPhone 8/8 Plus.

From iPhone 8, the model number disappeared from the back. To check the disappearing model number, check the red frame on the back of the outer box OK. The model number of iPhone 8 Plus is "A1864".

Creative ElectronLooking through the iPhone 8 Plus using X-ray technology, it looks like this. The circular part in the center part is a coil for wireless charging. In case of iPhone 7/7 Plus, the Apple logo on the back was reflected in the X-ray photograph, but it was not reflected on the iPhone 8/8 Plus, because the Apple logo was changed from metal parts.

That's why I started disassembling. First of alliOpenerUsing special screws with gaskets on the left and right of Lightning terminal ......

Heat the adhesive that fixes the display panel using iOpener ......


Battery connectorSpudgerIt does not match, the battery is fixed with a special Y-shaped screw ... ....

Four more places are fixed with glue.

Battery capacity is 2691 mAh. It is slightly smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus' s 2900 mAh.

It is now possible to remove the display from the body. In addition, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus use exactly the same home button.

At the top right of the terminal is a dual camera

Removing it like this.

X-ray photos of the dual camera part look like this.

Then remove the special screw to be fixed and remove the logic board.

The A11 Bionic chip is on the red frame part of the logic board. Samsung's 3GB LPDDR4 RAM is used. On the orange frame part, Qualcomm's LTE modem "MDM 9655"Skyworks SkyOne SKY 78140" in the yellow frame part, "Avago 8072JD 112" in the green frame part, "P215 730 N 71 T (probably tracking IC)" in the light blue frame part, "quad band GSM power amplifier module" Skyworks 77366-17 ", in the purple frame part is" NFC module "PN 80 V: UFLGA 64".

"Murata 339S00399" of the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module on the back side, Apple 338S00248 / 338S00309 PMIC / S3830028 in the orange frame part, SanDisk's 64GB NAND flash storage "SDMPEGF 12" in the yellow frame part, Qualcomm Gigabit LTE RF Transceiver "WTR 5975"NXP 1612 A 1" for the blue frame portion, "Skyworks 3760 3759 1727 RF Switch" and "SKY 762 - 21 207839 1731 RF Switch" for the purple frame portion.

Remove the logic board and you will be able to remove the parts below it. This is an evolved stereo speaker.

This is "Taptic Engine" which creates a unique feel of iPhone with special vibration

This plastic part is a pressure hole that appeared from the iPhone 7 with waterproof function.

Remove the parts around the Lightning port. It is a new design around the Lightning port, which is meant to quickly escape the heat generated during rapid charging.

Then disassemble the back glass panel. The glass panel on the back is fixed with glue, but it is difficult to loosen the glue with heat.

"Disassembly of iPhone 8I sometimes succeeded in separating the glass panel cleanly, so I will explode the deliberately broken glass panel this time, "iFixit.

Says iFixit disassembled actually broken the glass panel on the back, "Do not drop the iPhone 8/8 Plus. Broken rear glass is much more difficult than removing the internal parts" and things.

That's why I put all the parts decomposed and it looks like this. As for iFixit's evaluation, display and battery can be easily accessed using appropriate knowledge and tools, but it is said that it is difficult to disassemble and repair with a waterproof seal etc. Also, it seems that you need up to four kinds of drivers to do many repairs. In addition, although the glass panel on the back is Apple's so-called "the most durable glass ever adopted for smartphones," iFixit is said to be "easy to break and exchange impossible."

The degree of difficulty of disassembling / repairing is evaluated as 6 out of 10 levels (the lower the score, the higher the difficulty level).

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