I tried using the ultimate neck pillow "OSTRICHPILLOW GO" to support comfortable sleep at the seat

In the world "Train and bus that you can move while sleepingThere are such things as, but it is not possible to choose a way of travel that can get sleep like this each time. To eliminate such a problem, a pillow that can sleep at any time by falling down at the desk "OSTRICHPILLOW"And its lightweight version"OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT"Studio Banana Things has reached the ultimate and stylish neck pillow arrives"OSTRICHPILLOW GO"is. After 9 months from the end of Kickstarter project, MIDNIGHT GRAY and AQUAMARINE 2 color "OSTRICHPILLOW GO" reached GIGAZINE Editorial Department so I actually tried it.


OSTRICHPILLOW GO was in a simple film packaging.

The color of the product was written on the label of the package. The left is MIDNIGHTGREY and the right is AQUAMARINE.

Open the package and bring it in your hand, the size and weight you can hold lightly with one hand.

Loosen the lanyard of the strap, you can see that OSTRICHPILLOW GO is packed in the bag just in the bag.

This is the state of taking out and arranging. The left is MIDNIGHTGREY and the right is AQUAMARINE. It is rolled up as it winds around a whirlpool.

OSTRICHPILLOW GO spread out while watching from the bag and became quite large. It is like this when trying to line up with iPhone 6s in the normal state.

When you squeeze lightly, the elasticity enough to let your fingers sink and the smooth touch feels smooth. Although there is considerable thickness, it is not a uniform thickness as a whole, it gradually increases in thickness from the back slightly thinner side, gradually becomes thin.

I am doing an asymmetrical organic form, but this is based on ergonomics, it is considered to fit any skeleton and physique.

The bottom part is tagged with "OSTRICHPILLOW", and next to it is a small zipper. The zipper part is covered with fabric and it is difficult to understand, but it is possible to open the zipper properly. Since it is used as a pillow, washing outside covers is safe in terms of hygiene.

When opening the zipper, there was a tag of raw materials in it. 95% of the material is made of rayon (artificial silk) materialViscose,5 isElastan(Polyurethane), it certainly feels like silky elasticity.

I tried out the contents, three magnets were sewn in line at the left front part.

There is also one magnet on the opposite side of the right side. OSTRICHPILLOW GO has a mechanism to attach these left and right magnets in front of the neck.

Immediately, I took OSTRICHPILLOW GO and tried to feel comfortable. Since OSTRICHPILLOW GO is supposed to be used while traveling such as an airplane or a train, sitting on a chair like this will check the comfort.

OSTRICHPILLOW GO with a strong cushion wraps around the neck and can be very relaxed simply by wearing it without sleeping. It feels good, there is no pressure feeling or discomfort at all by wearing.

If the neck is too loose or too tight, you can adjust with the front magnet.

When leaning on the backrest of the seat, if you can not adjust the reclining well, a big space will be created between the neck and the seat and you will not be able to sleep comfortably. However, if OSTRICH PILLOW GO is installed, it covers an unstable neck completely, so posture when you leave your back is very stable.

Since the whole face is not covered like "OSTRICH PILLOW" or "OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT", there is a feeling of opening even if it is wearing. On the other hand, since the surroundings of the eyes are also empty, light can not be shut out even if you want to sleep in a bright place. When you want to block light during use, it is better to use an eye mask.

Since visibility is not obstructed, it seems to be convenient for everyday use, such as when sitting in a chair and reading a book.

Because OSTRICH PILLOW GO holds the neck firmly, it seems to comfortably support sleep even in seats such as airplanes and bullet trains. Even though sleep was not the purpose, I felt that I could relax just by being wrapped in a soft feel while on the move.

At the time of writing the article, OSTRICHPILLOW GO is a cloud funding siteINDIEGOGOIt is possible to purchase directly from. The price is 45 dollars + shipping fee, 1 piece, 80 dollars + shipping fee 2 pieces, shipping will be after October.

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