Developers who actually live in the dome for 3 and a half years published a method of making outstanding dome type residences in a geometric form

With only easy-to-obtain materials, without having time, expense and effort, we actually built a dome-type dwelling that is easy to make and comfortable and actually lives for 3 and a half years,Bruce HaumanMr. Mr. Hauman has compiled a blog on how simplified the geomechanical dome type housing which is supposed to be very difficult to build originally.

Frameless Geodesic Dome

Since "act of building a house" requires a lot of energy and expenses, "having a house" is a big decision in life. However, it is a strange story that it is necessary to buy a house for the reason that money to borrow a room is wasteful, to carry a debt and to spend more important time of life on labor. In the United States, we do not own a house for this reasonYoung people who choose to live in cars are increasing in AmericaIt has also been reported.

Young people who choose to "live in cars" are increasing in the US - GIGAZINE

thereBruce HaumanA domed house where Mr. Housing's housing shape is easy to make. It is said that the structure called dome type eliminates the time, cost and difficulty of construction to the utmost, and living comfort becomes outstanding. Mobile residenceTipyYagelAlthough it is, the dome type dwelling without framework made by Mr. Hauman is low cost comparable to them and it has a structure with high waterproof function and strength.

This is a dome type residence where Mr. Hauman lives for three and a half years. There are houses with windows in places where trees grow.

Inside is like this. You can see that lamps and Macs are in place and electricity is being drawn.

Bed on the floor.

It looks like a space that was quite spacious because there are sofas and bicycles on it. Electric heaters, fans, small air conditioners are installed, so it can withstand heat and cold.

The width of the dome type house is 18 feet (about 5.5 meters), the height is 13 feet (about 4 meters), the area is about 19.4 square meters. The wall is sandwiched between 2 sheets of insulation panels with a thickness of about 5 mm, which are made of two insulation panels called blue boards with a thickness of 1.9 cm. Because it is in the form of a layer, the wall thickness is 6 centimeters or more when all together. In addition, two layers of blue boards are used on the floor.

The construction cost of a dome-type residence is 2,100 dollars (about 230,000 yen), there are no special materials and tools, all easy to obtain. Also, Mr. Hauman says that it will take 3 to 5 days for two people to cut the material and assemble the house.

Normally geometric dome type houses have a very complicated structure, which requires a lot of time and effort to build. According to Mr. Hauman, when trying to make a domed dwelling of about 5.5 m in width in a standard way, 288 skeletons and 405 triangle sheets are necessary and all the parts necessary to make a residence are It is said to be as many as 693. However,Buckminster FullerUnder the idea of ​​Mr. Steve Miller's "Polydome" made this method efficiently simplified.

Mars Hill Plydome Project Tour - YouTube

Poly domes do not have a framework, and exterior is the framework by using tension has a structure. Because one sheet is comparable to seven parts of the conventional structure, the required parts are reduced to one seventh, making construction easier. Mr. Hauman got an idea from the polydome and built a domed residential building.

At this time, it was the plastics that pushed out the rain and used tension as a material. Plaque used for exterior has two important roles, so about 5 mm thick is required. Be aware that if you are too thin it will not be able to obtain the strength needed for the residence.

So, the simple structure of the dome type housing is as follows. The shape of geometry seems complicated at first glance, but in reality it can be expressed as a series of pentagons and hexagons. Looking at the following image, the portion represented by dark blue is a pentagon, the portion represented by light blue is a hexagon.

This is the same pattern as a soccer ball.

First, Mr. Hauman decided to create half of a hexagon with one sheet. There are three triangles on the seat, with the edges attached. It is said that it will play the role of a shake board by overlapping portions of this edge. After cutting holes for bolts so that they are perpendicular to the pliers, they are cut in this form.

Even in the case of pentagons are basically the same, after determining the shape of the parts, they will be cut and cut. However, in the case of pentagons, unlike hexagons, shapes are not symmetric, so we had to draw two patterns.

One is a hound type ......

The other is such a shape. First of all, we prepare these three patterns to be a total of 164 parts.

Furthermore, apart from the above three patterns, it was necessary to make parts of different patterns for finishing. This is because the wall is flat in the lower part of the dome.

Also, the walls of the plaques are installed inside and outside the blueboard, but both need to be made with the same pattern but inside a little smaller. Actually Mr. Hauman used the following pattern.

Such a moving dwelling has the problem that solar heat is caught in the room and it gets too hot during the summer, but Mr. Hauman's dome-shaped dwelling has a fan at the top, and the residence is placed in the shadow of big trees If it puts it, by the synergy effect of shade and fans, it can keep it in the coolness of the outer trees shade. Still it is okay to operate a small air conditioner when it is hot. On the other hand, as the room temperature is kept warm by the heat of the sun, it seems to be strong structure for the cold in winter.

Meanwhile, the plastics constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays deteriorate in a few years, so the exterior needs to be changed every few years. However, at the time when Mr. Hauman lived in a domed residential housing for 3 and a half years, this seems not to be seen as a big problem. Although it is necessary to replace several sheets on the outer plaque, the cost for several sheets is small, so it does not take much effort.

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