How to handmade sound absorbing materials in cardboard and make your own soundproof room cheaply & How effective demonstration video

"We designed a soundproof room for friends who live in Tokyo and have helped with construction.The construction period lasted a week (20120331 ~ 20120406) while working while staying in a friend's room.Photograph I will show you the process of the work, the final one shows the demonstration movie to check the soundproofing effect. "That is how to combine corrugated cardboard to make sound absorbing materials, It seems to have completed.

Attempt to make sound absorbing material with corrugated paper [Series 5] (final version)] - house publishing

Roughly putting out an estimate of material cost

The result of further stuffing, how many things were actually arrangedThis pageIt is gathered with a photograph in the picture, and it seems that it is almost complete with within 100,000 yen. It is cheap overwhelmingly than making a soundproof room normally.

Complete set of materials

Corrugated cardboard which is the material of sound absorbing wall. It was ordered in a state cut to 300 × 925 mm.

Rubber mat on the floor

Concrete blocks are the foundation, on which the pillars

Paste the control inside

The way to make the sound absorbing material itself is easy, just slice 300 x 925 mm corrugated cardboard sheet at intervals of 300 x 25 mm and paste them with bonds.

This is a sound absorbing wall tile made of cardboard. This work was completed about 8600 times. Covering the absence of money with time and guts, that is the real pleasure of making your own.

It's okay to sit down.

Tacky with gummed tape with high adhesion

Gypsum board is pasted on the outer wall, and woven with a gum tape

Petapeta soundproof sheet

We also cover soundproofing sheets for construction sites

Placing acoustic tiles made of cardboard on the floor and checking the soundproof effect

Sound absorption tile on the wall

Sound absorption tile on the ceiling

The entrance door is like this

Improve soundproof performance by attaching lock mechanism

When I closed the door


Inside is like this

So, you can see how effective it is actually by watching the movie below.

Cardboard soundproof room effect demonstration video - YouTube

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