Play Tetris with soldering iron display

People who play Tetris, a classic puzzle game, using the display part of the soldering iron, which is nothing in game machines, appeared. For those who follow, the file for play is also released.

Tetris for TS100 Soldering Iron - YouTube

What appeared on the screen is a programmable chip built-in OLED mounted soldering iron called "TS100". On the mail order site, as of the article posting5796 yenIt was sold at.

Installation has already been completed. On the screen written "CONFIG", hold the soldering iron vertically.

When you press and hold two buttons, there is a version notation for just a moment ... ...

Leave only a few dots on the upper side of the display to make it dark.

Actually this is already a Tetris game screen.

I will rotate Tetrimino one after another and load it.

I did not pin at all at first, but it turned into a Tetris' like shape certainly when the lower stage could be formed.

It is like this when it is up.

It is difficult to understand the surrounding frame, but the height is in proportion ... ...

Gaming over as you build up so far.

Also, for those who play TS100 in the same way, the file is released on GitHub.

GitHub - joric / ts 100 tris: Tetris for TS 100 soldering iron (and a few feature branches)

Because it is not structured to back up the firmware, people who want to return need to write official firmware in the same way.

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