510-byte 3D game 'Cubic Doom' that can be played on PCs over 30 years ago

Most modern PC games require a high-spec CPU, GPU, and a large amount of memory instead of enjoying high resolution and beautiful graphics. One step in the flow of such PC games is the CubicDoom, which has a data size of only 510 bytes and works on the

IBM PC , which is equipped with the Intel 8088 and is more than 30 years old.

GitHub --nanochess / cubicDoom: A ray-casting game in 512 bytes of x86 machine code

You can see how to actually play Cubic Doom in the following movie.

CubicDoom, a ray-casting game in 512 bytes of x86 machine code (boot sector) --YouTube

CubicDoom the ray casting has been drawing a 3D object using the technology, the boot sector data size of 510 bytes, which would fall within the feature. The operation method is to move left with the 'Ctrl' key on the left, move right with the 'Alt' key, move forward with the 'Shift' key on the left, and shoot with the 'Shift' key on the right.

The pink, blue, and purple 'cubes' that you can see on the screen are the enemies, and it is a '

DOOM ' -style game where you shoot and defeat them while moving forward.

The cube will come towards you, so if you accidentally touch the enemy ...

The screen turns bright red and the game is over.

Mr. nanochess, who developed CubicDoom , said that he made various ingenuity such as slowing down the speed of light used for calculation so that it works even on old PCs, and implementing the enemy as a colored wall. CubicDoom is said to be in development for five days, and nanochess says, 'I really enjoyed programming this game.'

nanochess has published a demo site where you can enjoy Cubic Doom even on a web browser, so if you are interested, please play with it.

V86 MBR and .COM via URL

If you're a weird person who really wants to play CubicDoom on an IBM PC, you can use Netwide Assembler to assemble the source code.


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