With only 487 bytes, the world's smallest chess program appeared, it can operate on Windows, Linux, etc.


The world's smallest chess program that operates on Windows, Linux, OS X, DOS, FreeBSD, etc.BootChess"Has appeared. The size is only 487 bytes and has reigned in the world's smallest chess program for 33 years1K ZX Chess(672 bytes).

BootChess by Red Sector Inc. :: pouët.net

I made it.Red Sector Inc..

You can download ZIP files from "download" link. Its contents are like this, and when it matches all together, there are over 2MB ... ...

The chess program 'BootChess.com' has only 487 bytes.

It works like this.

BootChess 512 bytes boot intro - YouTube

Launch hp notebook

It is hard to understand because it is pitch black, but I am booting from a floppy disk drive.

The chess program has started.

In this state type "h7h5" and press "Q" ... ...

Q (Queen) moves. The alphabet is plotted on the horizontal axis and the numbers are on the vertical axis. After specifying the source number and the number after the movement, press the key corresponding to the frame to be moved OK. On the upper side, the alphabet of the frame is divided into lower case letters, the lower side is divided into upper case letters, and you will be struck while changing.

As Q came out, the upper player entered "h8h5" ... ...

I took Q with r (Luke).

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