Intel is officially registering the ninth-generation Core processor "Ice Lake", what is the contents of the CPU to be launched ahead of schedule?

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With the emergence of a powerful rival called AMD Ryzen, Intel is forced to change the roadmap for CPU, it will be the code name "9th generation Core processor"Ice Lake"The existence of. While repeating the miniaturization and functional improvement of the process rule "tic-tack" had been changed already in the three-stage system of "tick tack-tack +", it is expected to be to be lost even that rule.

Ice Lake Processor Family

Intel Officially Reveals Post-8th Generation Core Architecture Code Name: Ice Lake, Built on 10 nm +

Publish information on Intel's CPUCodename decoderA code name "Ice Lake" appeared. There is also a notation that it is included in the 8th generation Core processor.

However, it is explained that Ice Lake will be the successor to the 8th generation Core processor, and it can be thought of as the "9th generation Core processor" series. The process ruler seems to be "10 nm +".

By the way, about "Ice Lake" Intel touched on Twitter in June 2017.

Regarding the 8th generation Core processor, the information that the "Coffee Lake" series for the mainstream desktop was introduced to the market was ahead of schedule. As for Coffee Lake, it will be officially announced from Intel on August 21, 2017.

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As a successor to this Coffee Lake series, the codename "Cannon Lake" has been known for a long time, but since the series called Ice Lake will appear earlier than Cannon Lake which was to be released ahead of schedule, Along with Coffee Lake, Cannon Lake is expected to be included in the 8th generation Core processor series.

To arrange the Intel roadmap that tends to be confused by repeated changes, AnandTech has compiled it in a table by generation. It is speculated that Cannon Lake, which has not yet been officially announced, will be manufactured in the first 10 nm process and Ice Lake will emerge as the ninth-generation Core processor, which is manufactured with the process improvement version 10 nm + of the same 10 nm process.

Conventionally, Intel had adopted the "tick-tack" method which alternately repeats the refinement of process rules and the improvement of functions by introducing a new microarchitecture, but since 14 nm,Process miniaturization is difficultAnd is the successor to the 6th generation Skylake series "Kaby Lake"Series appear as a process improvement version of" 14 nm + "and entered the" seventh generation "and released it in January 2017. The contents of Kaby Lake is a minor change version of Skylake, and originally it sold as saying "Skylake Refresh" as a new generation CPU. Along with this, the tic-tack method which improves every two generations is to be changed to "tic-tack-tack +" method which improves every 3 generations.

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However, it is expected that the Coffee Lake series will be called the 4 series system called "tic-tack-tack + tack ++" by the appearance of the 14 nm ++ "14 nm ++" I will. Incidentally, Intel's process rule and performance improvement shows that "14 nm ++" is somewhat above "10 nm" and "10 nm +".

If Intel makes "14 nm ++ Coffee Lake" and "10 nm Cannon Lake" appear in the 8 th generation Core processor generation, we will release models with different process rules in the same generation, avoiding market confusion It is unlikely to be possible. For this reason, AnandTechLithographyWe are in the ability to migrate to nodes. "

With Cannon Lake, which adopts the first 10 nm process, a CPU with a large die size is inappropriate in pursuit of high yield. For this reason, Cannon Lake keeps improving fab fabrication technology while maintaining yield as a CPU for mobile with TDP of 15 W or less, and uses 14 nm ++ Coffee Lake for desktop CPU with TDP of 35 W or more. AnandTech anticipates that it will be a strategy to refine the difficult 10 nm process, earn time to be able to produce large die at high yield, and connect it to the 10 nm + 9th generation Core processor Ice Lake.

Although the appearance of the Ice Lake series is expected from 2018 to 2019, there may be some announcement on the contents of the Ice Lake series on August 21, 2017 with the announcement of the Coffee Lake series.

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