Desktop version CPU of the 7th generation Intel Core processor "Kaby Lake" has appeared, and it is evaluated that it is not changing in performance with the previous model

On January 3, 2017, the seventh generation Intel Core processor "Kaby Lake"CPU for desktop PC was officially announced from Intel. At the same time as the official announcement of Intel, the review article of the CPU of the Kaby Lake generation was lifted, but the performance of the new CPU is the sixth generation Core processor "SkylakeIt is a result that there is no dramatic performance improvement from the series.

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Intel has adopted the "tick-tack" strategy that alternates between miniaturization of process rules and improvement of functions by new architecture, but in March 2016,Changed to a 3-step strategy to add "optimization" in addition to miniaturization and function improvementI made it clear. For this reason, the Kaby Lake generation decided to optimize it while maintaining the 14 nm process rule as in the previous generation Skylake series.

After the official announcement of Intel, the information ban on Kaby Lake generation CPU was lifted, and the result of the performance test centering on the high end model "Kelly Lake generation high-end model" "Intel Core i7-7700K" is released in many IT media .

MSI's motherboard 'Z270 GAMING M7', 8GB DDR4-3400 memory, Simple water-cooled CPU cooler 'Liqtech 240"In the review of Tom's Hardware, we are conducting a benchmark test including a state where the Skylake generation's high-end CPU" Intel Core i7-6700K "is OC up to the same frequency as 7700K.

Cinebench R 15The single core performance of this is like this. The performance difference between 7700 K and 6700 K is the level of error, and it has become the performance as frequency.

CAD software "Ptc Creo 3.0"There is no performance difference that you can experience.

In the test of Solidworks 2016, we can also check the comparison of Core i 5 model, which shows that there is no performance difference like Core i 7.

In the ExtremeTech benchmark test, it can be confirmed that the power consumption of the whole system is lower than that of the 6700K environment in the high frequency 7700K environment.

However, depending on the benchmark software, in the full load state the scene with low power consumption in the 6700K environment is also seen, and it seems that Kaby Lake is not necessarily more power saving than Skylake.

Although it is Kaby Lake which hardly feels improvement of performance from Skylake generation, it is pointed out that it is easy to do OC. Ars Technica's test using ASUS's motherboard "ROG MAXIMUS IX Extreme" easily succeeded at 5 GHz OC. We are improving the performance according to frequency.

Amidtech's load test using OCCT showed that the temperature rose to 95 degrees at 4.8 GHz and the core voltage overheated at 5 GHz, which required 1.425 V , There are individual differences in the CPU, so it seems that not all Core i7-7700K CPUs are low heat generation.

In any of the review articles, "Kaby Lake generation CPU has hardly improved performance from Skylake generation CPU", and mostly "Rival AMD next CPU"RyzenWe are waiting for the appearance of "appears. In other words, depending on the performance of Ryzen Intel is expected to price Kaby Lake generation CPUs against Ryzen. Most of the review articles agree on the evaluation that "The transition to the CPU of the Kaby Lake generation is less advantageous when considering the cost", and Ars Technica said "The second generation Intel Core processor that appeared 6 years ago Even "Sandy Bridge" users may be better off thinking about upgrading to a new SSD or GPU. "

The list of CPUs of Kaby Lake generation summarized by Anandtech is as follows. In the future, subordinate models such as Core i3-7350K whose magnification lock was lifted in Core i3 are refrained from appearance.

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