"MakeGirls.moe" that artificial intelligence automatically generates beautiful girl characters

"MakeGirls.moeSpecifies conditions such as "hair color" "hairstyle" "eye color" and "whether it is a smile or not" or "whether it is blushing", artificial intelligence generates suitable girl characters matching the conditions It is a service that will do. Because the appearance of the character born depending on the conditions varies widely, it should surely be able to meet your favorite character.

MakeGirls.moe - Create Anime Characters with A.I.!

Creator Yanghua Jin (Aixile) And Jiakai Zhang.

How to use is very easy, and various conditions for generating characters on the right side are prepared, and when you are ready, just press "Generate" on the left side. The size of the resulting image is 128 pixels × 128 pixels.

The colors of hair you can choose are random, blonde (gold), brown, black, blue, pink, purple, green, red, silver, white, orange, light blue, gray.

The hairstyle you can choose is random, long hair, short hair, twin tail, drill (curly hair), ponytail.

Eye color is random, blue, red, brown, green, purple, yellow, pink, light blue, black, orange.

In addition to this, "None · Random · · ·" about "Blush", "Smile", "Open Mouth", "Hat", "Ribbon" and "Glasses" You can choose from "Yes". There was also sometimes not appearing even if it was set to "Yes".

If the last "Noise" is made random, characters will be generated in a completely refreshed state every time, but if set to "Fixed", the base of the previously generated character will be succeeded. "I like most of the shaping of the character I made, but when I want to change the color of my hair" or "I only want to add glasses", change it to "Fixed" and change the condition.

For all conditions random, if you press "Generate" again after this character is generated ... ...

In this way, characters with no common grounds are generated.

However, for example, if you want to "watch this character with a slightly changed condition", change Noise's place to "Fixed" ... ...

You can generate slightly different characters for the condition.

When you fix the hair color and hair style, the appearance will be squeezed considerably.

Sometimes there are things like "What is that combination!?" There are many, however, you can have a character "Do you have this character, somewhere in your work?" Is it because the hairstyle and eyes are commonly seen in animation and games?

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