Cute and sexy original girl figures such as fluffy costume maids and gorgeous kimono beauties

The exhibition by the general dealer of the festival of three-dimensional modeling and

Wonder Festival is not only the thing full of love for the individual and the work of each circle, but also the original character which made the 'love' explode anyway. However, I was able to meet lots of original beauty and beautiful girls who carefully concentrated 'I love' even at One Face 2019 [Summer] .

5-14-09 At the ' ken ' booth, a maid met us. 'Long haired maid' with attractive brown hair that reaches the waist.

I feel kindness and compassion from the modest look.

I also pay attention to the soft and soft apron dress.

'Mitsu Ami no Maid' who has a cute apron dress and a greeting figure.

There was also a 'Mideau Am Maid' that deformed such maids.

4-07-06 What I met at the '

Quartz ' booth was 'Lolita', the texture of Lolita fashion.

The contrast between the white skin and the black hair flowing in the wind, which is covered in a light-blue costume, creates beauty beyond prettiness.

And above all, the fluffy and complex Lolita dress was made quite finely.

8-22-05 “Kogaki

incense ” has been exhibited a beauty that entices people who have seen it in a luxurious kimono and a bewitching atmosphere in a mysterious world.

I can not help but look at my face making a neat face.

The atmosphere is directed by dim light.

A coloring sample was also being released for the next exhibition opportunity during production.

5-34-12 'Urokomon' 's 'Golden Hime' also had gorgeous costumes drawing attention. I would like to see a goldfish placed on a Chinese style dress with a hair style of 'full'.

The Chinese-style dress was finished to a high quality so that there was a soft thin cloth feeling.

Also it was showing a woman of gorgeous costumes of different vectors, 4-13-05 '

De' etc. stock -san'. It is a girl named 'Da Tenka Hana Kai' that releases mechanical strength.

The shiny red hair in the gold-padded equipment was eye-catching.

6-11-04 '

Whoopie pie ' 's new work 'Moto's Koto-chan' is a cute nurse girl who is so bright that the image color of Rumune bursts.

Compared to successive generations of 'Meziro no Mello' and 'Uguisu no Susu-chan', 'Moto's Koto-chan' had a size that was only a mouse or small.

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