"Kirurakiru" figures such as Tomoko of transcendence recreation and lady who is likely to overwhelm human clothing now

Strong action · tempo Fairly advanced story · Anime with attractive features such as unique characters flew through various thingsKill rakiruIn the characters that appear in thisWonder Festival 2015 [Winter]However, since it was made into a figure by many general dealers' hands, I tried to summarize them.

7-11-14 "True !! Oya heavenKoryuin Hotetsuki (6000 yen) I found at.

I am three-dimensionalizing the lady who is trying to wear a shrine maid.

The sharp eyes are the Korouseon Shogetsu itself in anime.

This is 8-18-10 "Underdog Squad"The full strait mackerel (5000 yen) that was exhibited at.

The expression is so cute that it seems that he will start the Mako Theater this way.

4-11-17 "Megatekbody"I encountered a 1/8 scale bunkuriko (9000 yen). When I found it I was already sold out, but I could see the exhibit sample.

I was posing a tremendous pose with a version worn by Shinki blood.

Hair mat is fresh, bright blood is glossy.

This bambo shooter (4000 yen) is 5-30-04 "CompletelyThings that had been exhibited at.

Huge one-sword scissors

Likes of brillant look

Of course it is built tightly behind.

5-06-12 "MA moldingBut I discovered the bamboo shoots worn by Shinkaku.

Overwhelming reproducibility as if you jumped out of animation with such feeling when looking at near.

A style about one step before the final decisive battle with one sword scissors on both hands.

Clothing · skin · hair · single sword scissors are each different texture.

A style that Bon Cavebon goes on the ground.

Anyway, the facial expressions are wonderful, the level which I will stop in spite unexpectedly.

6-14-11 "KIZUNAThere was also Mt. Kakutoko (18,000 yen).

Ryo Yamazaki's prototype production.

The movement of hair and clothes is ultra-fine.

And finally 6-17-08 "OneLady Moon lady was exhibited at.

Today it is likely to be overwhelmed by clothing.

I will be caught by sharp eyesight.

The dynamism overflowing from the figure is one piece ....

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