Kirakiru 's Kinryu Tsunetsu wearing fresh blood wearing too real "Koryuin Temporary Fresh Blood Ver."

Anime"Kill rakiruKoryuin Tsunetsuki is a sailor-uniform type "Divine bloodWearing it,Isako IshikoMr. prototype "Koryuin Temporary Fresh Blood ver."ButOne festival 2014 [summer]It was exhibited in.

"Kisetsuin Temple Fresh Blood Ver." Was displayed at the general booth 7-08-11 "Plant girls' garden"is.

Kisetsuin Tsunetsuki wearing a fresh blood and looking at one point.

I am only amazed at the expression of wrinkles in the bangs and fresh blood.

Looking from the front like this.

It seems as if the facial expressions have jumped out of animation.

Kisetsuin Junsuki holding a tying closure.

You can see the colorfulness of hair movement looking up from the bottom.

Pacchar from the side.

"Kisetsuin Shosetsu Fresh Blood Ver." Was sold at 12,000 yen including tax, but it was sold out at the time of article writing.

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