Ships that are ripped swimwear are sexy Kankore 'Shigure Swimsuit Underbreak Ver', etc.

In the last few years, the popularity of the ship has not diminished, and many figures of the ship have been exhibited at the general booth of

Wonder Festival 2016 [Winter] . I tried to pick up high-level things that would make me look involuntarily, even in such Kankore modeling.

'Kantai Collection-Kankore-' DMM Online Game Official Page

I came to the booth of ' s_moto_s ', which was exhibited at Takuban 4-04-05.

The 'error girl (at the office)' was exhibited, and the price is 3,000 yen for one.

Both have cats on their knees, but one is perfect.

The other is asleep.

Next to the error girl, he discovered 'Zero Type Battle 21 (Skilled) Fairy'. The price was also 3000 yen per body.

It seems that he is commanding command on the wing of the Zero match.

It was '扶桑 type battleship 2nd ship Yamashiro Kai' that was exhibited at the booth of '

Eldora model ' of table number 4-10-08. Heavy equipment ships are of very high quality.

It looks like this from the side.

It is a pretty look that does not appear to carry such heavy equipment.

The booth of 'Sorry of

Cats ' at Takuban 4-11-17 was displaying 'Swimming Swimsuit Breakout Ver'.

The occasional rain swimsuit is bursting in the air.

It seems that the pimp on the swimsuit has also been torn.

The expression that I felt troubled because I got out.

It looks like this from the back.

'Zhuo number 4-12-03

Te a mutual agreement in the booth of' lively 'aircraft carrier water demon' had been exhibited.

Are you directing an attack while putting your legs together?

I saw the expression up.

The carrier carrying the quake has an enemy ship's mouth that seems to be caught even now.

If you look from the side, you can see that it is built very well.

At the booth of “

Hamuta Kobo ” on Table No. 5-21-02, we discovered “Akitsugu”, an air carrier.

Contrary to the irresistible figure, it has a huge plane.

I saw my face up.

The left hand is equipped with a mother ship.

At the same booth, there was also an exhibition of “Tenryu Swimsuit Ver”.

I took off my usual sailor clothes and put it into a simple swimsuit.

I have something like a surfboard on my hands.

The expression was slightly different from the original because of the funny expression.

・ Postscript February 8, 2016 23:07
The “Yobus type destroyer Jujubanban Hamakaze-chan” was exhibited at the booth of “

ASO ” in Table No. 4-14-11.

You can see that it is palm-sized, and it has been built from expression to ship.

The high quality 'Light Cruiser Tatsuda' was exhibited at the '

Butter Knife ' booth at table number 5-20-08.

Perhaps because of the hair fluttering in the wind, it looks more mature than the original.

It is a swimsuit version.

It is a nice idea that the ship's lower back is installed in a separate stand. The price is 17,000 yen, but it has already been sold out.

At the '

HonkyTonk ' booth at Takuban 5-31-04 , there was a palm-sized 'Tokihime Kitagata'.

The equipment that floats around is deformed by a circle and feels pretty. This time only the display was not priced.

The same 1/8 scale 'I-58' was also displayed at the same booth. It has been three-dimensional to the balloon that says 'Deichi!'

When it sees near, it is finished in italy italy italy. The price was 5,000 yen per body and was sold out on the day.

At the booth of 'Polygo noise (

@ On_da_nac2 ) ( @siden_j )' of Table No. 5-31-03, 'Island Kai' was exhibited.

The expression looks like this. The price is 10,000 yen per body, and Kore is already sold out that day.

The booth of the 'Aobaran Sculpting

Department ' on table number 4-17-15 was displaying the 1/35 scale 'practicing voyage set'. A ship-sized figure about the size of a finger was made in detail.

Contents of the set is Liu Xiang

Mokumo Kaiji

Kai Kai

The price was sold out for 4,000 yen with four objects of Abukuma Kai.

'Zhuo number 4-13-01

want land had been conspicuously noticeable at the booth of' is the 1/8-scale 'Yamato Ver.2' and of the diorama 'office of Admiral'.

The admiral's office is close

hanging scroll

There was a window with a view of the port, etc., making it an elaborate diorama set. This is an exhibition only and there is no price.

Yamato stands in place of the admiral in it.

Where did the admiral go .... The price of Yamato Ver.2 is 10,000 yen. It was sold out that day.

The last is 4-15-07 Takeshi

Mitsudo 's Destroyer Samurai Swimsuit Ver.

The price was 8,000 yen per body, and Kore was also sold out.

Table No. 8-15-12 '

AtelierLuna ' 's ' '

Haruna was sold for 10,000 yen.

'Kawauchi' of table numbers 8-16-13 '

wisywig '

'Akashi Kai' of table number 8-23-01 '

Cherry Blossom '

The price of Akashi Kai is 10,000 yen.


Tenryu was sold for 10,000 yen.


The price is 10,000 yen.

'Ehime' of table number 8-27-11 '

Ditch chameleon '

The price for Ehime is 13,000 yen.

Tsukuya 8-27-01 '

one ' 's 'Kaohsiung Kai'

Kaohsiung Kai was sold out when he visited the booth.

'Ehime Kai'

'Ehime Kai' is also sold out.

'Shigure breaks two swimwear version'

The 'Shigure breaks two swimwear version' was also sold out.

'Yutachi breaks two swimwear version'

The 'Yudan Kai 2 Swimsuit Version' is also sold out.


'Hoppo-chan' was sold out.

'Kaohsiung Swimsuit Version' and 'Ehime Swimsuit Version'

'Kaohsiung swimwear version' and 'Ehime swimwear version' are also sold out. The popularity of Kankore is tremendous.

'Akizuki midbreak version'

The 'Akizuki Mid-Break Version' is for exhibition only.

'Yamato Kai'

'Daiwa Kai' was also sold out.

Table number 8-32-01 '

S-MIST ' '1/4 scale Haruna Kaiji armored version with attached search light'

The version attached to the Haruna Kaiji search package was sold for 20,000 yen.

6-22-07 '

HAGER model branch room ' 'Amagi breaks medium break ver.' 10,000 yen


6-21-14 '

The poppy puppet ' 'Yutachi breaks two' 8000 yen


Another angle

6-20-16 'Soramaru

Planet ' 'Akatsumaru ・ Kai' ¥ 8000 yen


7-19-02 'Yakumo Kaiji' 5000 yen of '

Yoshimura- paon-do product sales department '

7-03-11 'Battle food fairy' 3000 yen of '

fancy science spa town '. Prototype production is Mr. Shimo Moromo.

'Skilled Crew Fairy 3 +' 3500 yen. Prototype production is Mr. Shimo Moromo.

7-08-15 '

Tsukumo Kaiji' 9000 yen of 'Shisha Momo '. Sculptor し ゃ also yan.

Shipwear is a flashy

From the side

5-01-10 '

CARREY ' 1/7 scale 'island wind bunny girl ver.' 7000 yen


Another angle

1/7 scale 'Kaohsiung bunny girl ver.' 7000 yen

Another angle

1/7 scale 'Makumo Bunny Girl ver.' 7000 yen


1/7 scale 'Tianjin style bunny girl ver.' 7000 yen


5-02-18 'Gongo' of '

Flower Shop ' is 8,000 yen. There is no prototyping.


'Kaga' is also sold for the same 8000 yen. There is no prototyping.

5-03-16 “

Fujiyama Sankaku ” “Special Vessels Akitsune Type Akitsumaru / Kai Type” was a reference display.

Similarly, “Special Vessels Akitamaru Akitamaru and Kaito Class” in the reference display.

The 5-03-10 '

7144 ' sells 'Riveccio' for 12,000 yen. Prototype work is Jill Ferde .


Ship armor

Another angle

The prototype is

kuni at the 'Aircraft Carrier Class ver. K' reference display.


It is bright and bright.

The same models and different colors were also displayed.

Akimofu is a prototype for the reference display of ' Aeronautical- class flagship'.

When I look up, my eyes are smiling.

Another angle

Sculptural work is 'Akimofu' in the reference exhibition of 'Haruka Tsukihime'


5-06-05 'U-chan (U511)' of 12000 yen of '

model passioner'. Prototyper Model Passer.


Different colors were displayed together.

5-08-03 '

OH DEAR troubled dough 1/8 scale' Bismarck Drei '23,000 yen'.


Another angle

5-09-17 1/8 Scale 'The Destroyer Princess' of 'Cats and Cats'


This also had a built-in light.

Another angle

1/8 scale 'Akitsugu' 20,000 yen


Another angle

6-25-01 '

T's system ' 1/6 size 'The pot which Oiso holds'

It seems to be something to give to the figure in such a feeling

1/6 scale 'northern princess'


Equipment was also sold separately.

1/6 scale 'Yudate'


Ship armor

1/6 scale 'Kaohsiung'


Another angle

1/6 scale 'hamakaze'


Another angle

1/6 scale 'Prinz Eugen'


Another angle

6-24-06 '

Pyopiyodo ' 'Takao'


Another angle

6-27-11 '

CLAY GOO ' '南方 棲'

What was put in the front 'is a remote island Ayaki'

Posing with a very dynamic feeling

This hair swells too

The coloring is also very real

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