From Fukiyuki, Kanego, Atago to deep sea ship "Fleet boat - Ship this -" a lot of items summary

From January 2015 to MarchTelevision anime broadcastThe browser game "Kantai Collectrion-Kancolle-Popularity of the Wonder Festival is also high, this timeWonder Festival 2015 [Summer]But many items appeared in commercial and general.

First of allSega · InteractiveThree destroyers that played an active role in the main animation version appeared.

"Fleet boat - ship - this - super premium figure" Fukiki "prototype production: Ocho-ku / Studio GS, appearing in October

"Fleet Koso - Ship - This - Super Premium Figure" Mutsuki "Prototype Production: Jim / Studio GS, November Appearance

"Fleet Koso - Ship - This - Super Premium Figure" Shower "" Prototype Production: Studio GS, Appear in December

Two of the premium figures are under planning and production.

"Fleet Kosochan - Ship - This is Super Premium Figure" Zuiho "Prototype Production: Deira with Questioners Reference Exhibition

"Fleet boarding - ship this - premium figure" Kawachi Shinki "" Appears in July

Four of the "Lucky Star Premium Figure" series in which Lucky Star characters are dressed in the cosplay of this ship appeared.

"Lucky Star Premium Figure Izumi Konata Fleet This Kosochan - Ship This - Island Cosplay Ver." Appeared in May

"Lucky Star Premium Figure Takara Miyuki Fleet This Kosochan - Ship This - Deep Snow Cosplay Ver." Appeared in July

"Lucky Star Premium Figure Hiragakusa Fleet Kokushon - Ship - This - Haguro Imai Cosplay Ver." To be released in September

"Lucky Star Premium Figure Figure Hiroshi Kagami Fleet Kokuson - Ship - This - Kaga Cosplay Ver." Scheduled to appear in November

Around the archer (Midori) 's spider, he twines and ties.

Bandai Collectors DivisionThere were also ship and daughters in the booth of.

The left is scheduled to be released in September 2015 at "AGP ship this Yamato Kai", tax included 10,260 yen. The right is on sale at "AGP ship Musashi Kai", tax included 12,960 yen.

"AGP ship this Atago" is on sale at 9180 yen including tax. "Soul EFFECT WAVE Clear Ver." Which is waving at the feet of Atago is scheduled for release in 2015 and it is 2700 yen including tax.

"AGP ship Kaohsiung" has been ordered. This is "Soul EFFECT WAVE Blue Ver." (Scheduled for release in October 2015 · 2700 yen including tax) was installed.

At Bandai's booth, prototypes of the Kim Jae battleship that the popularity was high at "Armor Girls project ship daughter questionnaire" was also displayed at the exhibition "AGP ship woman you want".

Reference exhibition "AGP ship Kirishima Kaiji" was the first to be announced at the One Festival 2015 summer venue.

"AGP ship this Haruna Kaiji" is under accepting second order, scheduled for January 2016, tax included 12,960 yen.

"AGP ship Kamigami Kai 2" will be scheduled for October 2015, including tax of 12,960 yen.

There was one space written as "Under Construction" in the booth where Geumgang Battleship was exhibited, so Hiei may be added.

good smile CompanyDecided to produce figFIX of Akashi, Shozuru, Ruisuru Nendoroid, Shuro Shuzen 2 (Kujyo Ichizo draws illustration), Kaohsiung scale figure, Yukikaze Naka Ver.

Ship daughter is slurry.

"Midipush Fleet Gokusen - Ship - This - Top" is undecided for both release date and price. Prototype production is Ain / Hazime shop Hajime (acetone) / Ryuichi (peace maker).

"Midipush Fleet Gokusen - Ship - This Zuiho" also has a release date and price unknown. Prototype production is Seven Himegi / Kaizaiya Hajime (acetone) / Ryuichi (Peace Maker).

"FigFIX fleet gunshots - ship this - snow blasting ver." Is a reference exhibit undecided on the date of release · price undecided reference exhibit.

Even if it breaks in the middle, I will never forget her smile.

Production is Max Factory (SF 345), cooperation is Maki Asai.

"FigFIX fleet Gokusho - ship this - Mutoka crash ver." Will be released in the spring of 2016 and the price is yet to be determined. The prototype production is Max Factory.

"Figma fleet Gokushon - Ship - This - Prinz Eugen" is released due date and price unknown.

Max protactor production is Max Factory (Masanori Kuroda), production cooperation is Maki Asai.

It was standing back to back with figma Oi & Kitakami.

"Figma Fleet Kokusyo - Ship - This - Oi" will be released in December 2015 and the price is 6300 yen. Prototype Production: Max Factory (Seki) · Ear Type, Production Cooperation: Masaki Asai.

"Figma Fleet Skull - Ship - This - Kitakami" will be released in November 2015, the price is 6300 yen, prototype production · coloring is ear type, production cooperation is Maki Asai.

The reference exhibition "figma fleet Gokusho - ship this - snowstorm animation ver." Will be released in the spring of 2016 and the price is undecided. Max protactor production is Max Factory (Asahina Norihiko), production cooperation is Maki Asai.

Fukiyuki Anime Ver., Nendoroid has also been decided on production. Release timing undecided · Price undecided, Hayao Ooya, prototype production, Nendoroid Nendoroid Nenji production collaboration every time.

"Nendoroid Fleet - Destroyer - This Ship - Daioho" is released in terms of price, price is undecided, prototype production is Nairobe, production collaboration is Nendoron.

"Nendoroid Fleet Gokusen - Ship - This - Katori" which was in an uncolored state is undecided for both release date and price. Prototype production: Shichibe, production cooperation: Nendoroid has become.

Uncolored ones were also exhibited "Nendoroid Fleet Gokusen - Ship - this - Akitsuzu". Release timing · Price is undecided, prototype production is Nanobe, production collaboration is Nendoroid.

"Nendoroid Fleet This ship - ship this - Oyodo" will be released in terms of price. The prototype production is JUN (E.V.), and the production cooperation is Nendoron.

The "Nendoroid Fleet Gokusen - Ship - This - Northern Life" of a look that looks surprised is scheduled to be released in December 2015 and the price is 5500 yen. Prototype production: knead (Kan - D!), Nanobei, production collaboration: Nendoroid has become.

"Fleet boat-ship - ship this - Zuiho 1/7 scale" is released time, price unknown, prototype production: Abe Subaru / Ryuichi (peace maker).

"Fleet goksho - ship this - Kanji 1/7 scale" also released time, price unknown, but already colored ones were exhibited.

Kimono who swears his hand proudly. Prototype production is Abe Subaru / Ryuichi (Peace Maker).

"Fleet Koso - Ship - This is alloy island style (Tentative)" is a reference exhibit with release date / price unknown.

You can move the joints and hair of your arms.

Viewed from the side. The interlocking gun is also a set.

It looks like this in an uncolored state. Ishio Shirane is a prototype production.

"Fleet Koso - Ship - This - Atago 1/8 Scale" is released in terms of price yet unknown, prototype production is Hiroshi (Sakura Front Line).

"Fleet boat - ship - this - Prinz Eugen 1/8 scale" is released, the price is unknown, prototype production is Urakawa Kimono.

Equipped with guns on the shoulder and on the left and right of the waist.

Prinz Eugen with a smiling face with a slightly troubling look.

"Fleet boat-ship - ship this - harbor living 1/8 scale" is released in terms of price · price unknown, prototype production is Akumu.

"Fleet boat - ship - this - bismarck 1/8 scale" is released in terms of price - unknown, prototype production is Kaori Kakakaki.

"Fleet boat - ship this - Z1 1/8 scale" is released time, price unknown, prototype production is KIMA (Lisa Sets).

Exhibited at the corner with the chandelier in the atmosphere is Kimono Bust & Kimono Bust Buddhist Ver.

"Fleet goksho - ship this - bamboo bust" will be released in January 2016 and the price is 15,000 yen. Production of prototype is Usui Masakazuro (Kodo temple).

The prototype master, Mr. Usui himself painted "Fleet Koso - Ship - This - Kimono Bust Burakudo Ver." Will be released in January 2016, the price is 16,000 yen.

One festival 2015 In summer, I saw many ship girls not only in commercial booths but also in general booths. 6-15-06 "Broadcasting the planet"There was an unpainted kit of beach style (6000 yen) ......

Fuso sister 's compatible unpainted kit (10,000 yen). Here is the mountain castle of Fuso type 2 ship.

It also becomes companion's sister's futsu. It was exhibited with 4 turrets on the back.

Both Yamashiro and Fusagi are costume in a simple combination of sneaky shrine maiden's costumes and red mini skirts.

6-16-02 "TcDOLL"Sold an island style costume (9800 yen) for 60 cm size doll.

It is a set of light blue sailor suit, red and white shimashishima, black ribbon.

It is like this when I actually put on a doll.

An island style with a smiling face.

The reproducibility of mini skirt and knee sock length is considerably high.

I was holding a stuffed doll of rabbits instead of gang stuff.

6-22-10 "Fujiyama sankaku", 1/8 scale U 511 (15,000 yen)

U511 is equipped with a rocket launcher WG42 for attack against ground against both sides.

Aho hair that extends from the forelock is well reproduced.

Akitsu Maru · Ref. Is a reference exhibit.

Similar to Futaka and Hayataka, it is a type that fly an airplane with scrolls.

What I have in my hand is a running lamp.

6-23-04 "HawksbottomKaga Bunny Girl ver. 8000 yen Prototype:Jun-eight

The blue bunny suit that is Kaga-san's color suits you.

Ship This feeding ship mamiya (8000 yen) prototype:WA Kinoshita

He is serving well.

6-24-09 "Kuni 20 xxThere are also two ship daughters.

"Submarine Lu 500 Ver. WF 2015" 6000 yen Prototype: Kuniharu Watanabe

A sharp sunburn is impressive

"Destroyer tide Ver.WF 2015" 7000 yen Prototype: Kuniharu Watanabe

I have an artillery cannon in front of my chest.

4-04-05 "M.Aircraft carrier class warfare (2500 yen)

Cloak is a cloak.

4-05-18 "S_moto_s"Error daughter" Everyone waiting! "(3000 yen)

Error girl dashing cat in captivity

Is everyone in a hurry to connect to the game?

4-06-17 "EhomeLu 500

As this painting has a darker sunburn, the boundary with the swimsuit is sharp.

I have a torpedo on my back.

Hinomaru sign into bathing suits.

4-12-04 "ShadowBoxLu 500

Gradation at the boundary of thigh tanning is splendid

I feel a commitment to the belly button and the abdominal muscles that are seen beyond the swimsuit.

This is Harbor Haibe

A slightly troubling look

A large corner of the forehead and a big breast stand out.

However, it seems to be a deep sea ship, and has an arm with high attack power.

4-13-14 "G-RugBattleship Le Class 16,000 yen

A cool smile is on the floor

I am convinced that this huge armed, ship daughter suffers great damage.

The aircraft carrier class W exhibits only

As if I bother to show your face

5-02-08 "HAGER model compartment1/7 Amagi Reform (10,000 yen)

1/7 Yong Feng Kai (10,000 yen)

It is about to enter just the attacking posture from now.

5-02-17 "Aoba Orchid Model SectionThere are numerous warship daughters.

Thunder & Veilnui & Electric

Tokiwa & Tianjin style & island style

Electric & I & 168 & Yukikaze

Haruna Kaiji & Kanji Tobi

Oi Ream & Kitakami Kai




Northern Life is also at the edge.

5-07-12 "TakemitsuAkebono farewell of. The tide was sold out at the time of visiting the booth.

Speaking of Akebono is a tough child with words to call Admiral "Fucking Admiral", but if it is this funny version, it seems to be a straightforward good childish feeling.

This is a tide

5-08-02 "JAMMING OFFKatori (15,000 yen)

The only "practice cruiser" at the moment. I am faithful to the original illustration, but the presence of the whip in my hand is amazing ....

· Additional notes
6-07-10 "KIZUNA"An island style conscious gun (prototype production: Ryo Yamazaki, 1000 yen)

Aircraft carrier class W (prototype production: Ryo Yamazaki, 16,000 yen)

Battleship living princess (prototype production: Ryo Yamazaki, 14,000 yen)

6-10-02 "Optical SiriusLu 500 (Production:Ladies and gentlemen)

Kotaka Kenji (Production:Ri-ku)

Uzuki Kai & Yayoi (Production:I will do it.)

6-28-02 "Kind of MagicLu 500 (7000 yen)

7-02-12 "PectryLu 500 (4000 yen)

8-18-10 "POLY-TOYSLu 500 (13,000 yen)

5-19-11 "METALBOXLu 500 (12,000 yen)

5-18-08 "Model PassionaLu-chan (prototype master: model passion, 8000 yen)

Senpaku cloud sword (prototype master: model passion, exhibition only)

7-22-03 "TroublesomeHeaven Ring Class

Heterogeneous powerfulness is expressed

7-10-02 "MJS garage kitError daughter reform (5000 yen)

7-09-02 "Hamutita StudioTianjin style (11,000 yen)

Island island renewal (10,000 yen)

Veilnui reform (8000 yen)

8-31-01 "Cherry BlossomChikuma Kaiji Full Version (14,000 yen)

8-30-08 "HonkyTonk1/8 Northern Living Princess (6000 yen)

8-20-11 "El Dora modelYamashiro Kamen (prototype production: Jun, 25,000 yen)

8-11-16 "AchromaticOi Osamu (prototype:Brush,¥ 10,000)

5-15-01 "Sheriffou"

5-18-03 "supervisor1/8 Harusa Ren (original mold production: supervisor / painted sample: Eldora model)

5-19-04 "Miscarried groomSeafood Ship Sutto 1 (Kanego & Hiei) (3000 yen)

5-20-12 "DoRThunder cruising class (15,000 yen)

This time, the popularity of Lu 500 was an overwhelming impression among the ship which appeared after the previous one festival. Which ship gains popularity next February?

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