Even now "Yu Ri" and "Silver child" of Yuri Kumagu that seems to be saying "Gaigau"

Such as "Yuri Pupping Drama" and "Girl Revolutionary Utena" etc, who originated in the original animation by director Kanohi Nahara "Yuri Kumagaya" such as Yuri Furuyura and Yuri Castle Silk child who appeared in human eating bears, A figure that seems to be said "Wonder Festival 2015 [Summer]It appeared in.

"Seamount Material"When Yurigosu fly in the booth 's, she discovered Yuri - jo Castle.

Having both hands in the sky and it seems to say "Gow gow" at any moment.

When you look from behind, a large ribbon of Silver is conspicuous.

"Stomach pecoline"

"Delicious Mel"

"MODELegion'S booth sells Yurigosawa Ruru who was a human figure.

The bear's hands are very cute when seen in the up.

It is cute as I can not think the true body is a cannibal bear.

It seems as if you have jumped out of animation with hair 's Crinklin.

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