The sexy beautiful girls of Azur Lane and the figures of pretty girls were full of romance anyway

The smartphone game

Azul Lane , with its attractive characters and gorgeous costumes, is popular with ' One Fess 2018 [Summer] ' and many sexy and cute figures were exhibited everywhere.

Prinz Eugen created by Akachomu, who was selected as the Wonder Showcase for the Winter Festival 2018 [Winter] , was exhibited at the booth of Mr. MilkTea & Ditch Camaleon .

You will be fascinated by the beautiful figure that sits on the intricate armor of Gothote.

I am sure that I will make a leap in the gap between the magnificent pose with my feet raised high and the cute beast pose with a finger on my mouth.

The weird equipment was also finely crafted.

Prinz Eugen, whose beauty is remarkable but cute, is the work of

Cerberus Project TM .

I was thrilled to look like a naughty child

Ehime and Takao, dressed in pure white uniforms, are the works of CARREY .

Kaohsiung, who has a nice face and sweet look, is also very beautiful.

Belfast is a work of

kuni 20xx , which has a soft skirt.

The unmatched items of the elegant apron dress and the equipment of the steel are admirable fusion.

I've been made a bit provocative look.

Memento! His evening stand is a dynamic feeling MAX.

Very cute poses and costumes

The slightly reddened look was also very adorable.

It was

Trinity that exhibited the beautiful Victorias that the impression that spreads was beautiful.

The figure of flying an airplane to touch from the palm is full of mother tenderness.

Hiraki of the Mokusei Rabbit costume is the work of

Model Passioner .

Even if the appearance that floats up and down and the expression that doesn't get ridiculously, the cuteness doesn't stop anyway.

What I found at Optical Sirius 's booth was a small sized riff.

The rabbit ears that pop out from the white hair bundled in two are very cute.

Blizzard with charm points still appearing on the heel is the work of Mr.

Sasayama Electric .

A pose called 'Rakuru' and double-toothed teeth that gather from the mouth gather your gaze.

There was also a Yamashiro taking a pose for Nyan in the work of Mr. Emei.

The face of the fox lowered to the ear exudes bewitching, and the sexy costume stands out very attractive from the side angle.


Sukima -do exhibited Changchun, whose costume is pretty.

Of course, the expression of the feeling such as the hood and the jacket was too much to keep an eye on it.

Queen Elizabeth, whose power shines in reverse, is another work by Sukima-do.

Tsunemiya's onion costume Nikei is a work of March shop .

Sexy costumes, cute rabbit ears, and a haircut from a bun are attractive.

The one exhibited at the booth was a metaphor surrounded by the great devil and this beauty.

The cool and calm look is wonderful

In addition, Cheongsam ver.

A Japanese umbrella with a dark green cheongsam with Japanese taste.

Yamashiro who poses with knees is cute & sexy

A well-defined combination of Ehime and Takao

The pose that used a long Japanese sword skillfully matches the character very much.

There was also an exhibition of Shinto Kai, which shows an elegant dance.

Keep an eye on making costumes

He also found a small, cute SD Hamman.

The 'Hirumi-Remodeling-' exhibited by Goma Shio Kobo has a very attractive unbalance with its large body and small body.

Several figures of Azure Lane were also found in the commercial booth.

At the PLUM booth, Hamman's figures were displayed in a special way.

Hamman dressed in fluttering black and white costume

A very embarrassed look a little embarrassed

At the side and back angles, you can see that the long hair and light equipment are matching perfectly. I also noticed that the pedestal at my feet was supposed to be funny.

A red REC mark is displayed at the foot, and there is also a mark like the focus of the camera.

The pedestal was mirrored and a humble appearance was shown.

The destination that was invited involuntarily to the billboard of Akagi is the booth of

Kotobukiya .

1/7 scale figure of Akagi to be released in 2018

The bewitching look and luxurious kimono texture, the tail Mofumofu and high quality anyway.

Kaga with a sense of movement that was upset the kimono was undecided on sale date and price.

The bouncing fox ear and the blue eyes below it create a fantastic atmosphere somewhere.

This is also the release date and price undecided Prinz ・ Eugen (Hyakuhana rebellion ver.)

The expression of lightly blushed cheeks with alcohol can be irritating in the usual gap.

The texture and banding of loose kimono, and the equipment for personal use are likely to be expected to be quite realistic finish.

Akashi from the cute

Cue Posh series with a deformed figure.

Charm point is expressed well while being deformed. The extra sleeves are too cute.

Also from the Cupoch series San Diego

Wink is no longer so cute.

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