Does "gay genes" exist?

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Gay marriage is accepted in the United States in 2015, same sex marriage in Taiwan for the first time in Asia in May 2017It was accepted. On the other hand, some people object to homosexuality itself for religious or other reasons. So from a scientific point of view, what is a genetic reason in "being gay" and what the "gay genes" are of everyone, YouTube science channelAsapSCIENCEIt explains.

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In 1993, Science magazine "Homosexuals are more homosexual relative than homosexuals," that "Relatives of gay people are many", "If both brothers are gay, a relationship similar to the X chromosome of both were seen"It was announced. This study, published by Dean H. Heimer et al., Has become a subject of "gay genes", but Mr. Haymer is urging attention that "homosexual genes are not found".

Also, in 2015, when studying 409 pairs of brothers who are both gay gay, a similar relationship was found to chromosome Xq 28 and 8 chromosomes, and the gene has influence on the development of male sexual orientation WhenIt was concluded.

Furthermore, in 2014, analysis of the research results conducted over the past 50 years was conducted, gay men often have gay brothers compared to straight men, lesbian women have lesbian sisters Contents that there are many are announced.

However, if a "gay gene" really exists, there is a paradox. Homosexuals who have children also exist, but 80% of homosexuals have less children compared to heterosexuals, so that genes will not be handed down to children and homosexuals should have become extinct? That's why.

In this regard, at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)Epigenetics, "Everyone has gay genes, but whether homosexuality develops depends on whether or not the methyl group gets stuck on DNA in a specific place and the gene turns" on "Presented content.

Epigenetics is a term that expresses "how a gene interacts with the surrounding environment in order to make a phenotype" by a researcherThe definition may be different. For example, depending on the amount of food and pheromone given to the egg by Queen Ali, it is altered whether the gene of the fetus changes to become a worker or an army ant, an example of epigenetics.

UCLA's research focused on homosexual twins and heterosexual twins and found that the association between specific methylation patterns and sexual orientation is high. By analyzing genetic information called epigenetic marker collected from saliva, we can predict whether the man is gay or straight by 70% accuracy. However, this research pointed out that "there were few subjects", and the content that was announced is discussing.

In other words, it can be said from the research so far that a specific "gay gene" has not yet been discovered. On the other hand, there is some evidence that human sexual orientation strongly associates with genes, and many scientists think that genes related to sexual orientation are controlled at the molecular level.

For example, it is said that the probability that this second son will become homosexual is 33% higher than the baseline of the entire population, when a mother who has already had a boy already gave birth to a boy. However, this trend can not be seen when the first son was a child of another mother.

From the above facts, the researchers believe that pregnancy of a boy triggers a biological mechanism and affects the mother's next birth.Meta-analysisStatistically, gay men know that the probability of having an older brother is higher than that of heterosexual men.

Furthermore, women exposed to high levels of testosterone in the womb may not be heterosexualThings that are high.

Also"Gay's uncle's hypothesis, Homosexuals do not make children by themselves, but by providing food for the next generation of children, safe places, defensive eyes, etc., it helps indirectly prosperity of family genes Is not it? It is being taught.

Studies have shown that gay men have low levels of hostility, high levels of cooperation, caring, emotional intelligence. It is said that these factors increase the altruism tendency within the group and raise the survival level.

Also, relatives women who share genes with gay men feel more attractive to men, and there are hypotheses that this will be an evolutionary advantage. There are also studies that women who have gay men as relatives think that there are more children than average. This seems to be true for heterosexual men with lesbian women as relatives.

Be a researcher of social biology and biodiversityEdward Osbourne Wilson"Homosexuality gives the group an advantage and the society that condemns homosexuality is condemning society itself," he said.

Historically, scienceQueerIt was not friendly to the community. In the past, homosexual brains and bodies were considered to have low status, and the idea that homosexual behaviors were caused by developmental defects was the majority.

thereforeLGBT Q 2Some people who recognize themselves think that science belongs to a different community from themselves and people who think that they are used to hurt and exploit people. Also, many scientific researches target men's homosexuals and other people are excluded from the subject of research is also a problem.

However, if genetic research and epigenetics research progresses, the law showing gay dislikes may decrease.

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