Even in the middle of Starba, I tried refreshing chocolate flapcino "Sumoafrapetino - Crispy marshmallow -"

Classic dessert of the camp where the baked marshmallows and chocolate are sandwiched between Graham crackers0 payrence"Starbucks's new work Frappucino who imaged"Smore Frappuccino - Crispy Marshmallow -"Appeared from Thursday, August 10, 2017. When I hear "Midsummer in chocolate" I think that it is "sweet and heavy so", but this drink is a fresh food with a crisp and crispy flavor and crispness that you want to enjoy only in summer And I tried to see if it really is a chocolate drink suitable for the summer.

[New product information] Smore Frapechino® - Crispy Marshmallow - | Starbucks Coffee Japan

Arrive at Starbucks

Get "Smore Frappuccino - Crispy Marshmallow -". The size is only tall.

When you open the lid, there are plenty of whipped cream on the frappuccino like cacao sorbet, three types of crispy & crispy sweets like freeze-dried crispy marshmallow, baked chocolate, crushed biscuits are scattered.

I will instantly drink a straw. Although it is rich in flappacino, it is not sweetness that is relaxed, it has become a refreshing drinking mouth with richness. Although it is comparatively sweet, unlike the chocolate drink that you drink in winter, it is finished in a refreshing drink that you can refresh even if you drink it in the middle of summer, because it is coldly cold and the bitterness of cacao is working . In addition, there are plenty of crispy chocolate chips in Frappuccino.

I tried to scoop the whipped cream part with a spoon. Whipped cream is pretty sweet and modest, just feeling good with biscuits and marshmallows on top. Marshmallow is a crisp texture with only one eyes as "crisp", but quickly "melting" on the tongue with "shuff". Even if you eat here alone, it looks like desserts enough, and it has become a highly satisfying Frappuccino.

The frappuccino part is black like the following. At first it may be thought that the bitterness of cacao is slightly strong, but when you drink whisk cream melting it gradually softens the taste. In addition, it seems that the insanely calorie is high, but the calorie is 368 kcal, and the new work of JulyKey Lime Cream & Yogurt Frappuccino"It was a healthier drink than 490 kcal.

In addition, the price of "Smore Frappuccino - Crispy Marshmallow -" is 590 yen, excluding tax.

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