I have been eating healthy "five kinds of vegetables and a Tang raised rokabo Bamboo noodles" even though it has entered the inside of a mackerel

On July 13, 2017, Naka Usu used Konjac noodles to keep the carbohydrate to about a quarter of conventional udon "Five kinds of vegetables and Tang-naked Rochabo Bamboo noodlesWe will start offering. I have eaten what kind of finish the new menu which made it healthy without damaging the flavor of "5 kinds of vegetables cold noodle udon" which is the popular standard product of summer in the same store.

"Preliminary announcement" Low sugar quality product "Konjak noodle use" "5 kinds of vegetables and Tang na no Rokabo Bamboo noodles" released! | News | Rice bowl and Kyoto style udon noodles

Arrived inside Nako.

I can not confirm such as "Ichigo" at the shop front. I will purchase 5 kinds of vegetables and 650 yen including tax with Takki Selling Machine and Tangled Rokabo Bamboo noodles.

It was carried in a few minutes.

Kaji and five kinds of vegetables, green onions, meat miso are covered and konjac noodles are completely invisible.

First I will eat konnyaku noodles that have been buried. The slippery noodle that makes it a bit difficult to grab with chopsticks is unique in texture. Indeed, it seems that some people may be perplexed by the difference between the texture of udon until they get used to it, due to the garbage of Konjac itself. However, while I am eating, that feeling will fade away.

Fifty kinds of vegetables using red cray radish, cucumber, carrots, blue onion, radish are very shaky chewy crisp, very refreshing.

Because Konjak noodles and vegetables, I feel a little sense of volume? I thought, but since there are two kudasasa, there is no sense of unsatisfactory.

If you mix meat with miso and eat it, punch comes out in the taste.

By using Konjac noodles in this menu, it is suppressed to "22 g" which is about a quarter of "5 kinds of cold noodles with five kinds of vegetables" using normal udon noodles. The energy per meal is also 381 kcal and modest, so it seems to be a perfect menu for people who care about meals.

In addition, 5 kinds of vegetables and Tango 's Rochabo Bamboo noodles will be sold out around the end of August.

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