I have been eating "New Asian Curry Moss Burger" in Asian curry scented 2017

From the Moss Burger who offers a special menu as a "Mos Burger only for summer" as a theme product Mos Burger as a theme with "Theme Source changed to another?", The 2017 new menu "Asian Curry Moss Burger"Appeared on July 11, 2017. I went to eat a dish using Southeast Asian curry which imaged "Rundang Curry" which Indonesia originated and used also for festivals.

Asian Curry Moss Burger | Moss Burger Official Site

Arrived at Mos Burger.

Not to mention at the store, of course "appealing Asian Moss Curry Burger" in a big way.

We received an Asian Curry Moss Burger (390 yen separately for item price) in about 5 minutes and ordered "Onipote Set" (440 yen including tax) arrived.

Asian Curry Moss Burger is a piece of meat patty on top of the buns, with mustard and mayonnaise on top of it, plus a chopped onion, superimposed original curry sauce and round tomato of Moss familiar. Immediately after it arrived it looked like she looked ... ...

After a while the curry sauce flowed out as a trolley and transformed into a juicy state in appearance. I will inform Vishi Bishi that it seems to be very good.

When you hit it, you will notice that the spicy is not that much, but rather it is finished in a curry that makes you feel rich. I feel the atmosphere of Wadomaru but it is thanks to Miso that probably it is being injected with hidden taste. The feeling of curry 's deliciousness, the appearance that the compatibility with tomatoes and patties is also finished in a perfect taste is a truly moss.

When eating forward and looking at the back side, we discovered the appearance of large onion and mayonnaise. Whether the onion is boiled or lentin, it was in a condition that it feels sweet well with a soft chewy.

Asian Curry Mos Burger usually includes "Asian Curry Mosheese Burger" (420 yen including tax) plus sliced ​​cheese, "Double Asian Curry Mos Burger" with 2 patties (510 yen tax), increased spice Spicy Asian Curry Moss Burger "(420 yen including tax)," Spicy Double Asian Curry Moss Cheese Burger "(570 yen including tax) which can be said to be" all shirts "of cheese and patty and spice, etc. It is a total of 8 variations . The offering time is until mid-September.

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