Microsoft has finished supporting "Windows Phone 8.1", the Windows Phone series will end as it is

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Support of "Windows Phone 8.1" has ended on July 11, 2017 local time based on the support end schedule that Microsoft has set for each product. "Windows 10 Mobile" has been released as the successor OS, but the name of "Windows Phone" born in 2010 seems to disappear in 7 years.

Windows Phone dies today - The Verge

Microsoft ends support for its ill-fated iPhone competitor, Windows Phone

Microsoft announced in 2016 "List of products whose support ends within 2017According to the report, the support of the following products was terminated on July 11th.

Engyro Product Connectors for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007
Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007
Microsoft Integration Designer 2.5
Microsoft Intelligent Application Gateway 2007
Microsoft ProClarity Analytics Server 6.3
Microsoft ProClarity Desktop Professional 6.3
Microsoft ProClarity SharePoint Viewer 6.3
Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization 4.1 for Desktops
Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization 4.2 for Desktops
Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization for Terminal Services 4.1
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 Standard Edition
Windows Phone 8.1

In response to this, the news site · The Verge posted the heading "Windows Phone died today" in the article. Incidentally,AdDuplex reportAccording to the "Windows Phone 7" "Windows Phone 8" and "Windows Phone 8.1" terminals 80% of which are already supported, among the running "mobile terminals with Windows OS" in operation, the successor OS Windows 10 Mobile installed terminal is 20%.

Windows Phone 8.1 is a mobile OS provided by a large update from Windows Phone 8, addition of Cortana, new notification center, UI change etc. were done. Microsoft was also working as an OS to further raise the position of the Windows Phone series, but in recent years 99.6% of the newly appearing smartphones are in either state of iOS or Android, Microsoft's smartphone brand "Lumia" Also released in October 2015 "Lumia 950" "Lumia 950 XL" was finally released at the end of the release.

Microsoft announces Windows 10 Mobile equipped flagship model "Lumia 950/950 XL" - GIGAZINE

As mentioned earlier, although there is "Windows 10 Mobile" as a successor and support is still continuing, its future is uncertain. When Windows 10 Mobile was released, a free updatable upgrade was offered from Windows Phone 8.1, but since April 11, 2017 the "Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update"There is no major update of the function, and" Windows 10 Fall Creators Update "scheduled to be available in the autumn of 2017 is also for Windows 10 of the PC, and the test of the new function of Windows 10 Mobile has not been done.

ByVernon Chan

There is almost no Windows Phone announcement even in Microsoft Build 2017,Microsoft does not focus on Windows PhoneIt is also said to be. Microsoft 's Satya Nadera CEO stands for' Mobile First, Cloud First ', but in recent years Microsoft has developed applications and services for iOS and Android, so the Windows Phone is already in Mobile Fast Strategy It may not be included.

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