From the scientific point of view, it analyzes how "ambient music" enhances concentration as working BGM


When you have to concentrate on work or study, there are many people who work while listening to music with earphones or speakers. In such a case there is no strong beat and melody, floating feeling drifts "Ambient musicThere are times when you get good results when you choose "Lifestyle media"Collective EvolutionIs introducing the reason why concentration is enhanced by ambient music.

How Ambient Music Helps You To Concentrate (According to Science) - Collective Evolution

"Ambient music" or "Environmental music"Is a British composerBrian EnoIt is music of the genre advocated by. It is difficult to describe its features in words, rather it is music that should also be said to be "few features and should be", but if it is dare to say, there is no "clear melody", "there is not much strong rhythm", "floating feeling making sound There is a point that should be pointed out. The representative work of Eno is "Ambient 1: Music for AirportsFrom "Ambient 4: On Land"Ambient title 4 works, each of which has been reproduced the world of sounds with the keyword" Impressionists "floating.

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Speaking of famous places, I'm from IrelandEnyaHas published work based on Celtic music studied the influences of popular music and ambient. Also, from the UKAphex twinIs making sounds by adding ambient elements to genres such as techno, electronica and drum bass, and if you use it as an active BGM, concentration may increase unexpectedly.

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Many studies have been conducted on music that affects human productivity.A paper published in 1972It is confirmed that work efficiency has increased by applying music when doing a simple work. In this experiment conducted at a factory, even if the noise emitted by the machine drowns out the majority of the music, the effect that workers' feelings become happy by flowing ambient music, and it is easy to concentrate more on work Has been approved.

Also,(PDF)A paper published in 2005But the same effect has been confirmed. From these research results and numerous considerations, "happiness" that people feel when listening to specific ambient music is thought to improve concentrating power and improve productivity. On the other hand, it is also confirmed that the effect is hardly recognized when harsh music not harmonized is applied, and that the productivity rises clearly when the flowing music is bright majority It seems to be.

It was announced in 2012Another articleSo, research on the volume of music when flowing is done. Here, it is confirmed that even if the music to be flowed is the favorite of the subject, and it is a pleasant tempo or rhythm pattern, too much volume will hinder work. further,A paper published in 2015However, it has been confirmed that the concentration of subjects is influenced by the tone to be reproduced. It is said that a higher concentration improvement effect was seen in the natural sound like a sound of a wave which is gathered on the beach, for example, rather than an electronic sound made by a synthesizer or the like.

ByNigel Howe

Based on these, Collective Evolution raises four points on the point of actually incorporating ambient music into work.

◆ 1. Choose your favorite music
First of all, it is important to choose music that matches your preference. Even music that is comfortable for you does not necessarily match other people's preferences. In that respect, ambient music seems to be a music that makes it difficult for differences of preference to appear, so it seems to be perfect for use in BGM that enhances concentration.

◆ 2. Choose the right type of music
No matter how much you choose your favorite music, you can not forget the viewpoint of "improving work efficiency". Especially, when using it as BGM, it is better to choose songs that do not contain songs. When the human brain hears a song, consciousness is directed to that lyric. Therefore, it can be said that there are many people who choose ambient music and classical music to make sense.

◆ 3. Play with appropriate equipment
Even if you decide which music you want to sink, if you play it with a speaker that will crack the sound, it will be just noise and you can not concentrate. Not necessarily an expensive audio set is necessary, but it is a good idea to choose a device that plays a well-balanced sound from bass to treble, and choose something that does not get tired. Especially earphones and headphones will shut out ambient noises to some extent, so you can expect an increase in concentration.

◆ 4. Ultimately feel by yourself and choose
Even if there is a scientific trend like the above, it is still the best choice to finally choose something that matches your own sensibility. Even if you chose music of a certain genre at the beginning, it often happens that the effect will be diminished while listening for a while. In such a case, it is also a good idea to choose different kinds of music unexpectedly.

Nonetheless, there is a limit to trying different kinds of music one by one only with the sound source that it has. In such a case, it is also one that uses music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. For each service, you can also use "playlists" specialized for ambient music and classical music, so it is also effective to find things that fit your taste.

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