An update for 3 years suddenly appeared on Google Glass, which should have been dead, what is Google's intention?

Google's developed "eyewear wearable terminal"Google Glass"Has various problems such as privacy, and development was stopped without being marketed. However, due to sudden appearance of firmware update on Google Glass, which was thought to be "over" after 3 years of silence, attention has been focused on "now" of Google Glass.

XE 23 Release Notes - Google Glass Help

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Google Glass XE 23 firmware update mysteriously rolls out with support for Bluetooth input devices

Google Glass closed the official website in 2015, the Twitter and Facebook accounts are also deleted, the update of the OS is also stopped, and development has ended. It was thought that it was a product that did not lead to commercialization. However, in June 2017, suddenly the new firmware "XE 23Appeared. The voice of embarrassment is raised in correspondence of Google.

Updated by the firmware update "XE23" mainly focuses on bug fixes and performance improvement, but by supporting Bluetooth it is now possible to pair with keyboards, mice and so on. In addition, the Android application "MyGlass" for Google Glass has also updated its target SDK from Android KitKat to Android Lollipop, it now supports the Doze mode of power saving function, saving in notice synchronization with Android smartphone With increased power, notifications will be displayed on Google Glass even when the smartphone is in sleep. The version of MyGlass application of iOS version has not been changed.

When Android Police tried updating the XE23 firmware to Google Glass, I confirm that it actually works.

It also succeeded in pairing with the keyboard with Bluetooth.

When pairing the mouse, the mouse cursor will be displayed on the screen.

Since there is no special announcement from Google, the real intention to update the Google Glass firmware suddenly is unknown. "Whether the Google Glass team is reviving?", "Whether Google Glass development is resuming?" Along with the expectation voice, "May still be used by Sergei Brin" "Inside Google Many opinions have been raised, such as those who were too busy?

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