"Google Glass" restarted development as "Project Aura", it seems that the original Amazon smartphone "Fire Phone" engineer was hired

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Once the development stops Google's glasses-type PC "Google Glass", but a new "Project Aura"It turned out that development resumed as. The development team has developed Amazon's Fire Phone, and engineers who were dismissed with the cease of fire phones are participating.

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Google Glass was a big topic since the beginning of the market, but as there was a problem with price and design and privacy,The model sold as a beta version in January 2015 was sold, It was announced that new development will be advanced.A new model will be announced soonAlthough it was suggested, although detailed information was still a mystery, according to overseas media, Google Glass was found to have been developed again in June as "Project Aura". Project Aura can hold GoogleAlphabetInstead, it will be placed under NEST, which is responsible for Google's smart home appliance development. In Project Aura, it seems that Ivy · Ross continuing to lead Google Glass development is serving as a project leader.

In addition, Amazon ceased selling Fire Phone in August 2015,Dismissed dozens of engineers who were developingAlthough it is seen as being done, it seems that an engineer who was fired Amazon was newly hired for the development of Google Glass.

In addition, it is considered to be a wearable terminal "GG 1" currently being developed.

Discovered a new mysterious wearable terminal "GG 1" which is expected to be Google Glass - GIGAZINE

GG 1 has a built-in rechargeable battery (battery) that can be repeatedly charged with IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual band Wi-Fi (5 GHz · 2.4 GHz), Bluetooth LE compatible, What kind of device is still a mystery, but it is thought that it is a new type of Google Glass, as it has specifications and the initials of Google Glass "GG".

In addition, Project Aura remained behind Google rather than Alphabet because of the hand gesture "Project Soli"Or"Google Cardboard"It seems to make it easier to collaborate with the development team, and there seems to be possibility that a new wearable terminal will correspond to the VR function.

Meanwhile, former Amazon engineer Dmitry Sperf who will join Project Aura has his ownLinkedInProject Aura described the project as' Glass & amp; beyond '(Glass and beyond)' as the profile of 'Project Aura' There is also the possibility of doing it.

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