It is reported that Amazon is developing an eyewear wearable terminal equipped with Alexa

byEwan Robertson

Babak Parviz, who developed Google Glass at Amazon, was enrolled in Amazon and had been rumored to have been developing eyeglasses terminals for some time,Financial TimesNewly, Amazon is a speech recognition AI assistant "Alexa"We are developing a wearable eyeglasses type terminal using. According to Financial Times, this terminal may be announced soon.

Amazon might launch Alexa-powered smart glasses this year, report says

Amazon Glass? Online retail giant may be working on Alexa-powered eyewear | Digital Trends

Amazon's glasses-type terminal is designed to be controlled by voice, it connects to the smartphone wirelessly using Bluetooth etc., and by using bone conduction technology it is a mechanism that you can listen to Alexa's voice without headphones. The design seems to look the same as ordinary glasses.

byBen Blennerhassett

An interesting point of this wearable terminal is that,Google GlassThere is a possibility that it may not be equipped with a camera or a display like the one shown. The Financial Times believes that Amazon made the above designs based on the fact that personal privacy was a problem when Google Glass appeared. It is also told that there is a possibility that battery life will increase because there is no camera or display.

It was in 2015 that Amazon first began developing glasses-type wearable terminals. At this time,Patent acquired by AmazonWas technology related to display terminal connected with tablet. In this technology, when images are transferred from the mobile terminal to the eyeglasses, the lenses of the transparent eyeglasses are changed to opaque displays to display the images. If Financial Times's coverage is true, the glasses-type terminals to be announced will be in a different direction from the megamas using these technologies, and Google Glass and Microsoft'sHoloLensIt does not become a competitor's competition, it is seen to be in its own position.

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