Sony's patent pending hair is a smart device-like terminal equipped with GPS, vibro, laser pointer, camera

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Google's eyeglass PCGoogle GlassAnd watch wearable deviceGALAXY Gear, Sony's Smart WatchSmartWatch MN 2Although various wearable smart devices have appeared recently, Sony is currently offering tactile feed actuators (devices that cause vibrations and electric shocks), hair attached with GPS, laser pointer, camera, etc. "SmartWig"ofPatent pendingIt turned out that it was.

United States Patent Application: 0130311132

Sony's SmartWig patent is a real head-scratcher

Sony imagines 'SmartWig' to monitor health, give directions, and read facial expressions | The Verge

SmartWig is a wearable device that is OK even in the form of a complete wig or partially attached hair. It is possible to connect it to a smartphone, tablet etc and use it. At least one sensor for data input, a processing device of input data connected to the sensor, a communication device for exchanging data are connected, and it is possible to use the connected device without change in appearance It is said that it will become.

The various sensors etc. installed in SmartWig are as follows.

· Tactile feed actuator that can produce small vibration or electric shock
· Three haptic feedback actuators
· GPS sensor
· Ultrasonic transducer for detecting objects
· Position detection sensor to grasp where SmartWig is in your head
·laser pointer

In addition, this SmartWig can also detect facial expressions of human faces, and you can also use it to turn on the slideshow page, for example when someone frowns at the eyebrows. Furthermore, since it is equipped with a laser pointer, it will be possible to instruct something with only the orientation of the head. And because it also has a health monitoring function, it is also possible to detect EEG, body temperature, blood pressure, perspiration level and so on.

In SmartWig, when connected smartphone receives mail, it is possible to use such as informing the user of reception by faint vibration or weak electric shock.

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