A movie of lovely cats flowing just by accessing "Evercat"

When time is available, when you want to be healed, looking at animals' movies makes me feel relaxed. Among such animals, if you want to see a cat's movie, a web site that will endlessly showcase various pretty cat movies is "Evercat"is.


When you visit the website, a lot of kittens movies that are touched by a mole full of screens are projected.

After a while, another kittens switched to a movie clinging to Rumba.

When I push the update, I see a kittens with a frown face on the back of the cat and a momi mommy ... ....

In addition, while the owner strokes the buttocks face, while catching the face, you can say that it is said that "this is it ??", such as a cat's movie making such a strange look, just by accessing the cat's movie Will flow.

The movie is published on YouTube, and it is play / stop operation from the bar at the bottom of the screen and ...

You can switch to full screen display.

If you find a movie you like, you can also fly to the video source with a link to YouTube.

There is Evercat's author's credit at the top of the screen and it says "I draw your icon with a ramen 1 cup." When I click on what it's like ....

"RAMEN & amp; ICON"Evercat is the author of@ UjjjjAn illustration production site operated by Mr. opened.

You can order Twitter icon production, and it is a cup of ramen for payment. Clicking "Order" ...

Tweets can be ordered.

You can see what kind of icons will be drawn in "Production results".

Like this.

◆ bonus

In Kickstarter, if you turn on the light, bones will melt and the bone will come out, you do not know if you are appealing to cat-liked people or do not know if they are harassing a candle "Kisa" We are recruiting.

Kisa by PyroPet - Kickstarter

Pink and cat type candle lights ......

A fear candle that will become a bone.

You can get a set of cat-type candle with a glass and a special match by investment of 29 dollars (about 3000 yen) and you can choose the color from pink and gray. Dispatch to the outside of the United States requires a separate $ 44 (about 4400 yen). The deadline is until 21:22 on Saturday, November 23 in Japan time.

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