Amazon opens '3D Printing Store' where product color and design can be changed partly

Amazon deals with low cost 3D printers for individuals "3D printer store"We are also selling products output by 3D printers"3D Printing StoreAlso opened. 3D Printing Store

3D Printing Store can purchase 3D printed accessories, kitchen utensils, toys, electric appliances, mobile accessories and so on. The 3D model of the item being sold isMixee LabsYaSculpteo,3DLTEtc. We can also customize the colors and designs of 3D print products to your preference depending on things.

If you want to purchase a customized one click "Customize Your Own Products" in 3D Printing Store.

The products displayed here can individually customize the product color, parts of the design, materials and so on.

When you want to customize, click the icon "Personalize Now" on the product page.

A window for customizing the design appears.

I changed the design from here ...

It will be possible to change the color.

The 3D model on the left side of the screen can also be moved by grinding, so you can set your favorite color and design while checking from all angles.

If you want to customize the product, you need to use one of Firefox / Chrome / Safari browser, so be careful not to work with Internet Explorer.

Items on the 3D Printing Store can be purchased from around $ 30 (about 3000 yen), but currently we do not have a service to output and sell 3D models uploaded by users.

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