Where is the easiest country to live in the world?

"Destiny is decided in the place where you are born" is not exaggeration, and the way life will change greatly depending on the area where you live in the world as well. So, "What country is the easiest to live in the world?" Animation movie thinking about "What's The Best Spot To Live On Earth?"Has been released.

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If you could live anywhere on the earth, where is the easiest country to live in the world?

Seasonal tastes, such as cold places and hot places, vary from person to person.

Even if you consider various preferences, there should be a consensus that the place where you can live long, peacefully and happily is "a livable country".

What is life expectancy - what is life expectancy - life expectancy (average life expectancy) is one of the important factors.

Good medicines, good homes, comfort in their backgrounds have been found to have a significant effect on life expectancy.

In short, we know that the economically rich, healthcare services are well-suited and that countries that are healthy to eat are likely to become longeviced countries.

The top of life expectancy is 85 in Monaco. This is followed by 83 years old Japan and Hong Kong.

However, how old you can live can change greatly due to disasters and wars. It is known as one of the safest countries in the world, but considering the extent of damage such as earthquakes and tsunamis, it is not the most livable country.

Southeastern Asia and other southern countries are the same.

Places that are likely to disappear due to rising sea level due to global warming will be off the candidate sites of the world's easiest to live even if it is peaceful.

Infrastructure that supports stable living environment is also important.

In living environments where we can not compete with climate changes such as storms, we will not be selected as the world's most livable country.

Let's take Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. as an example. Though these countries themselves may be safe and rich ... ...

Depending on the situation in the Middle East there is a possibility of getting into trouble, so it will not become the world's most livable country.

In the ranking of the world peace index, Iceland, Denmark and Austria are regarded as the world's most peaceful countries. Nonetheless, the standard of "happiness" varies from country to person, so it can be said that it is a difficult index to handle.

Therefore, the UN scientists propose six indicators: "wealth" "average life expectancy" "corruption" "social assistance" "freedom" "" generosity "(to give donation).

Based on this index, scores of over 150 countries and regions, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland come to the top.

Among them many scientific studies, the easiest country in the world is Iceland.

Not only is it happy and peaceful, it is known for its average life expectancy ranked in the top 10 countries, and the possibility of natural disasters is low.

Well, if you say that Iceland is the world's best, the answer is "It may be the best in the world."

It is because there are important things to everyone who can not give up in life. For example, if you are a person who says, "The internet is more important than anything," the IT infrastructure environment may become important in deciding "the world's best living country".

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