Country ranking where foreigners feel the quality of life is highest, what is Japan?

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One of the world's most comprehensive reports "Expat Insider 2017According to foreigners mostQuality of lifeIt is said that the country judged to have high quality of life is "Portugal".

Expat Insider 2017: Quality of Life Index | InterNations

Expat country ranking: Best quality of life in the world, by InterNations - Quartz

In Expat Insider 2017, a questionnaire survey was conducted for 12,500 people living in 188 countries and regions, and "Best and bad countries for foreigners"Or" a country with a high quality of life ""A country suitable for family life"Personal property and lifestyle index"A safe country for foreigners"A country that is open to foreigners"We create rankings such as.

At Expat Insider 2017, we asked 43 questions such as existence of leisure options, travel and transportation fulfillment, health, welfare, medical expenses, living expenses and other items to measure happiness, and " Countries that think that life is high "ranked. In addition, participating in the ranking are 65 countries which can be the living base and the destination of travel for foreigners.

Ranking is divided into 5 items, "leisure options" "personal happiness degree" "travel and transportation organization" "health and welfare" "safety · security" ranking has been created, there is also a comprehensive ranking that comprehensive of these. The top ten of the rankings are as follows.

◆ Leisure options
01st place:Spain
02th place:Portugal
03th place:Mexico
04th place:South Africa
05th place:Costa Rica
06th place:Columbia
07th place:Australia
0th place:Malta
09th place:new zealand
10th place:Ecuador

Japan is ranked 33rd

◆ Happiness of individuals
01st place:Mexico
02th place:Bahrain
03th place:Portugal
04th place:Costa Rica
05th place:Columbia
06th place:Spain
07th place:Malta
0th place:Philippines
09th place:Vietnam
10th place:new zealand

Japan ranked 48th

◆ Travel · Transportation
01st place:Singapore
02th place:Hong Kong
03th place:Switzerland
04th place:Czech
05th place:Germany
06th place:Taiwan
07th place:Netherlands
0th place:Austria
09th place:Japan
10th place:Korea

◆ Health · Welfare
01st place:Taiwan
02th place:Austria
03th place:Denmark
04th place:Sweden
05th place:Finland
06th place:Germany
07th place:Japan
0th place:Norway
09th place:Portugal
10th place:Costa Rica

◆ Security · Security
01st place:Switzerland
02th place:Norway
03th place:Singapore
04th place:Japan
05th place:Luxembourg
06th place:United Arab Emirates
07th place:Canada
0th place:Finland
09th place:Oman
10th place:Denmark

◆ General
01st place:Portugal
02th place:Taiwan
03th place:Spain
04th place:Singapore
05th place:Czech
06th place:Japan
07th place:Austria
0th place:Switzerland
09th place:Costa Rica
10th place:Germany

You can check the order of 65 from 1st place of 6 rankings including total ranking by the following picture.

According to the survey, 93% who responded to the questionnaire answered that they were satisfied with the overseas life in Portugal and that they were one of the world's easiest countries. In addition, 89% said that life is happy and satisfied with the balance between work and life. In addition, Brazilian respondents working in Portugal talk about Portugal 's impression that "kind people, good weather food, beautiful sightseeing spots".

Japan is ranked sixth overall, but it is 33rd in the leisure option and 48th in the degree of happiness of the individual, and it seems that the place which is sinking downwards in the item of individual happiness degree is like Japan at all.

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