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For domains that can be said to be the addresses of websites, startups who are planning to develop their own services and content, such as "how to acquire what can be remembered at a glance", "how to find something that can be maintained cheaply" Points to pay attention to. However, there are cases where even if you acquire it at all, there is a case where there is pressure "pressure on service" and it is seized. So how can we get a "safe domain" that can be used stably? Mr. Rich Jones who runs the software development team "Gun.io" said, "What kind of idea do you have, whichTop level domainShould I acquire the information "is summarized.

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Shortened URL generation service "Vb.lyIn 2010,The domain was seized by the Libyan government. ".ly"Was the country code top level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Libya," The obscene picture was up "was the cause of the foreclosure.

The problem that I was viewed was this picture used on the top page. Three points of "I am exposing my arms", "I have a bottle of sake" and "sex-positive" used for service explanation were not good, and besides this, short URL It was also cited as being promoting illegal activities by the service.

ByViolet Blue

Vb.ly was contrary to the ".ly" usage conditions "Do not use obscene pictures" and "Do not contradict Muslim or Libya law", so foreclosure is reasonable, but 2012 In the year, "JotForm" which can freely create and publish an input form that can be used online can be said as "there was a problem with user-created content"Following the suspension measures of JotForm.com, It is forced to move to JotForm.net.

The situation that "the domain suddenly gets freezing / stopping measures due to some circumstances" is not good for entrepreneurs who are aiming for next generation YouTube, Facebook, etc. Mr. Jones,Packet Clearing HouseWe examined which domain to acquire with Mr. Bill · Woodcock which is operating the company.

First of all, in the case of a service that allows users to freely produce and publish contents as a premise, there are many things from uploading cat spots to recorded sports programs. Since the site itself ranges from things like YouTube and Flickr to gambling related sites and pornographic sites, first of all,Where it does not yield to political pressureIt is necessary to be ".

◆ ".net" ". Com" ". Org" should not be used
The first condition for that is "Avoid VeriSignThat thing. VeriSign manages two of the top-level domains of the Internet, ".com" ". Net", and ccTLD also suppresses "c. C" of Cocos Islands and "tv" of Tuvalu It is a major industry in the industry. However, since the head office is located in Washington, DC, and has strong links with government organizations, we must consider it as unconditional when the US government inquiries are made. This makes .com / .net / .name / .cc / .tv unusable.

In the same way, Afilias, which once frozen Wikileaks.org, is also excluded from the choice. This will also exclude .org / .info / .mobi / .asia / .aero / .ag / .bz / .gi / .hn / .in / .lc / .me / .mn / .sc / .vc .

◆ ccTLD to avoid · ccTLD of the target
A considerable number of top-level domains have already been excluded, but the condition still continues. To be excluded,
A small country
· Countries that have mutual defense treaties with NATO
· In countries where corruption of the administration is progressing, countries with many corruption
· Participating members of Echelon (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, UK)
· Countries with large liabilities
. In other words, the country that is not applicable to this is aimed at,
· Countries without debt
· Medium size country
· Militarily neutral
· Liberal countries with high freedom indicators
· A country with a high level law and order
Such"A country that is stable financially or militarily and does not depend on overseas is goodIt will be said that. In other words, Greece or Estonia should not choose it.

For example, IcelandNot only is the air clean and environment friendly, it has very few corruptionAlthough it was friendly to hackers, it was close to recommendation, but since the global financial crisis of 2008 the economic situation has deteriorated, under the support of the IMF (International Monetary Fund), it is in a state susceptible to external pressure It is t that is out of the recommendation list because it is in.

◆ Recommended list of ccTLD
That is why Mr. Jones and Mr. Woodcock have repeatedly considered and listed the following as countries that have ccTLD that can be recommended.

· Switzerland (.ch)
Switzerland is strongly recommended that it is the most neutral country in the world and "This is the option to choose." The ".ch" domain isSWITCH Information technology servicesIt manages. How safe is now is that Wikileaks is currently putting its first mirror on .ch, and the drama encyclopedia site'sDramaticaEven moved the mirror to .ch. The SWITCH information technology service also manages Liechtenstein's ccTLD ".li".

· Norway (.no)
Norway was listed second place. It is economically independent, socially liberal, security is kept at a high level. Unfortunately, there is another hurdle that only organizations, associations and companies can register domains, which must be done at the Bronnoysund registration center. Incidentally, Mr. Jones and others put it in the recommendation, but in the comment section there is a tsukkin saying "Norway is a member of NATO."

· Sweden (.se)
The strength of the Swedish domain is lazy despite the founding members being convictedThePirateBay.seIt is obvious if you look at. There is little debt, it is a stable independent country.

· United Arab Emirates (.ae)
It is one of the most rich countries in the Arab world and one of the recommended United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is more progressive than the standard level in the Middle East. It is a force produced by oil money, and it has high self-sustaining degree and resistance to external pressure. Speaking of the Arab world, the Palestinian ".ps" domain can be considered as the next point.

· Mauritius (.mu)
An island country floating in the east of Madagascar and the south of the Indian Ocean, an independent country from the UK. Its name is popular for music related startups.

· Singapore (.sg)
Singapore with a severe criminal code system is also recommended, although it is particularly advanced in Asia, but proof that it is in Singapore is necessary. Mr. Jones and others say that "If you have a country that can be obtained easily, I'd like you to know the information."

· Omake: "onion"
If you do not want to close the site by all means, if you do not want to receive pressure, using ".onion" comes into the choice. Anonymous networkTor (Tora)Since it can not connect without going through, it is difficult to locate an operator. Because of its nature, it is not suitable for providing ordinary services that are not casinos etc, but it is suitable for hiding the identity and providing site service.

◆ Also consider registrars
VeriSign and Afilias that came out in the prerequisite are managing and improving the domainRegistryIn the Registry, "Register this kind of domain" to registerRegistraris. We are managing and coordinating IP addresses and domain names worldwideICANNIt is official recognitionRegistrar list is like thisI do not know even if I do not know what merchants are good at all, but according to Mr. Jones and Mr. WoodcockGandi.netI think that it is recommended per area. However, it seems that it can not be guaranteed that security is perfect.

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