Regional disparities are also strict in the average life expectancy, and the difference gradually widens

It is generally known that the average life expectancy of poor countries is shorter than the average life expectancy of wealthy countries. However, even in the developed country, the United States, it is known that there is a strict unevenness among regions with an average life expectancy, and the "disparity of average life expectancy" tends to expand.

U.S. life expectancy varies by more than 20 years from county to county - The Washington Post

A researcher at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation surveyed and analyzed death certificates across the United States from 1980 to 2014 confirmed that the average lifespan tended to gradually increase overall in the United States . According to the subdivision of the area, it is known that in the Loudouan group of Virginia and Washington DC, the average life expectancy has increased by 12.8% and 12.4% during the same period, there are areas where the mortality rate is very low .

While the average lifespan is growing as a whole in the United States, it turned out that there are some areas where the average life expectancy is short. There are areas where the average life expectancy tends to be shorter, such as eight in the county of Kentucky State among the top 10 in the county where the average life span has become shorter than in 1980, and there is a region with the average life span extending It has been confirmed that there is a tightening gap between the two and that they are expanding.

And when you divide the area into small counties and compare the average life expectancy for each county, the average life expectancy exceeds 85 years in Colorado state Pitkin and Eagle, which has the longest life expectancy, whereas the average life expectancy It is only 67 years old in the State of South Dakota Ograla kota, and the actual situation that the life gap disparity between regions is nearly 20 years has become clear.

According to this survey, it was confirmed that "disparity of average life expectancy" occurred in the United States, the world's biggest economic power, and the disparity tended to expand, but it is clear in the same survey what the cause is It is not done. However, there are also indications that "quality of health management" "closeness to health promotion program" is the cause. Professor Ali Mokudad of Washington University, one of the investigators, said, "For example, accessibility to disease screening, such as cancer screening, has a significant impact on health. We need to rethink our comprehensive approach, including investing and creating a healthy regional community, "he says alarming the expansion of lifetime inequality between regions.

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