Financial secrecy index ranking that indexes the ease of money laundering by country is announced

Regions such as the Cayman Islands and Singapore are known as

tax havens with no or very light tax on wealthy people and corporations. The Tax Justice Network, which studies tax havens and tax competition, has created a 2020 version of the Financial Confidentiality Index (FSI) that indexes how easy it is for tax avoidance and money laundering in each country's legal and financial systems. ,published.


Here is a map of areas where tax avoidance and money laundering are easy, created by the Tax Justice Network.

The target countries are 133 countries, and the top 10 are as follows. Japan is ranked 7th, with the Cayman Islands in 1st place, the United States in 2nd place, Switzerland in 3rd place, Hong Kong, Singapore and Luxembourg in 4th place and beyond.

The indicators are evaluated separately for each of 20 items as shown below. Below are detailed scores for Japan: 'Bank Secrets' 27 points, 'Trust Property and Foundation Registration' 38 points, 'Company Name Registration' 'Other Asset Registration' '

Limited Partnership Transparency' sex ',' public company of registration ',' public company accounting ',' national matter ',' disclosure of corporate tax, '' trading entity identifier (LEI) 'is 100 points,' tax management capability 'is 63 points,' personal income tax 38 points, 'prevention of tax evasion' 30 points, 'harmful structure (prohibition of bearer shares, prohibition of high-value bills, etc.)' 50 points, 'confidentiality of tax court' 100 points, 'government statistics' 30 points, 'Money laundering prevention measures' 55 points, ' AEOI (reporting system for automatic exchange of financial account information related to non-residents) ' 1 point, ' Information exchange based on tax treaties, etc. ' It is OK to check whether the tax evasion is done, and 'International legal cooperation' is 27 points.

The Tax Justice Network says, 'The amount of cross-border funds flowing is estimated to be between $ 1 trillion (about 113 trillion yen) and $ 1.6 trillion (about 180 trillion yen) annually. It's a hotbed of corruption, fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering. '

'It also shows that international efforts to crack down on tax havens have been ineffective for many years, but our analysis shows growing concerns about the global financial crisis and public inequality. We also know that this has created an unprecedented trend towards tax havens. '' It's important to tackle these issues fundamentally. '

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