Ranking "ranked high in democracy" ranked first, Denmark ranked number one

Speaking of elections, bearer ballots are kept to maintain fairness, but "Although the dictatorship regime should have collapsed, on the voting day of the first presidential election, a soldier came to pick me up and was watching the voting while being monitored" There seems to be something wrong. Also, even if the country has "democracy" or "DemocracyEven if listed as a state, there are also countries that the reality is totally different.

Although democratization does not occur overnight, it takes time to settle and maturity, but even if you compare developed countries that are already recognized as mature democracies, "Whether democracy is going well" seems to differ greatly from country to country, if you evaluate it from the perspective of "whether sound political competition is functioning" or "transparency of politics".

University of Zurich"Democracy quality" of 30 countries of democracy was evaluated by the social scientists of Japan, and its ranking has been announced. First place is Denmark, but what was Japan like?

Ranking is from the following.UZH Mediadesk - Swiss democracy unexceptional compared to other countries

Ranking is with the University of ZurichSocial Science Research Center Berlin (Berlin Social Science Research Center)"Democracy quality" of 30 democratic countries was evaluated by the new democratic evaluation method jointly developed and compared by the average score in the period of 1995-2005.

In this evaluation method, "protection from infringement by a third party (especially government) of individual freedom" "rule of law" "active participation of society" "transparency" "political participation" "delegation system" "political competition" Numerizing the nine indicators of "system of control and equilibrium (division of powers)" and "ability to execute matters decided democratically", the higher the total score, the more "high quality democracy" It is. The ranking of 30 countries evaluated is as follows.

First place:Denmark(88.3 points)
Second place:Finland(87.7 points)
3rd place:Belgium(85.1 points)
4th:Iceland(83.5 points)
5th place:Sweden(82.9 points)
6th place:Norway(82.1 points)
7th place:Canada(79.4 points)
8th place:Netherlands(79.0 points)
9th place:Luxembourg(75.2 points)
10th place:united states of america(74.9 points)
11th place:Germany(73.2 points)
12th place:new zealand(72.1 points)
13th place:Slovenia(69.6 points)
14th place:Switzerland(67.8 points)
15th place:Ireland(67.0 points)
16th place:Portugal(66.7 points)
17th place:Spain(66.6 points)
18th place:Australia(65.5 points)
19th place:Hungary(63.2 points)
20th place:Austria(63.1 points)
21st place:Czech Republic(58.2 points)
22nd place:Italy(57.0 points)
23rd place:Cyprus(55.5 points)
24th place:Malta(54.2 points)
25th place:Japan(45.8 points)
26th place:England(44.6 points)
27th place:France(42.8 points)
28th place:Poland(42.0 points)
29th place:Republic of South Africa(39.8 points)
30th place:Costa Rica(32.7 points)

First place Denmark and others Nordic countries are focused on the top is not as many people as there are people like it. In 1991YugoslaviaDemocratized Slovenia (13th) independent fromFranco's dictatorshipSpain (17th) experienced in 1989Velvet RevolutionConsidering the fact that the Czech Republic (21st place), which was democratized by the United States, is fighting well, as a developed country of the former Western countriesG5From the eraMajor Countries SummitIt may be a bit disappointing for the three countries of Japan (25th place, UK (26th place), France (27th place) who are participating in the event.

Looking at "the change in the quality of world democracy" as the total score of 30 countries, it seems that the quality of democracy is rising in 2005 compared to 1995. By country, the score has declined in nine countries in Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, the US, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Australia and Germany but from 1995 to 2005, but in the other 21 countries including Japan, 2005 The score is higher than 1995.

By the way, it seems that 14th place for Switzerland at the University of Zurich was unexpectedly low, but this is the ranking by the average of 10 years, from the 19th place in 1995 to 2005 in the year It is said that it is rising to 9th place. From 2005 to 2015, from 2015 to 2025 years may have different results.

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