``Cloud Ping Test'' measures pings in bulk for each cloud region such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Hetzner, Linode, etc. and automatically arranges them in order of speed.

In cloud services, servers are distributed in various locations as 'regions', but it is easy to wonder which region to select, especially when using a second region for backup purposes. ' Cloud Ping Test ' is a site that measures Ping, which is the latency between various regions and your PC, as one of the criteria for region selection.

Cloud Ping Test (Latency) for different providers like AWS, Azure, GCP


This is what it looks like when you access the site. At the time of article creation, it supports nine cloud services: ``AWS'', ``Azure'', ``GCP'', ``Hetzner'', ``Linode'', ``ngrok'', ``Oracle Cloud'', ``OVHCloud'', and ``Vultr''. First, click on AWS.

Ping measurement to each region has started automatically. Measurements and records are taken in order from the top.

Once the measurement for all regions is completed, the second lap measurement will begin. When the second lap ends, the third lap starts, and when the third lap ends, the fourth lap starts, and so on until you stop it manually.

The stop button is located at the bottom. Click 'Stop That!'

After measurement is complete, you can sort the measurement results by clicking on the item name above. In order to avoid the influence of outliers, we sorted by 'Median' and found that the Osaka region had the lowest ping for the editorial staff's line.

When I tried the same test on Azure, I got the result shown below. In addition to the overall Ping numbers being quite low, the numbers in the Korean region were comparable to those in Japan.

The GCP results are shown below. Like AWS, the Osaka region is in first place and the Tokyo region is in second place, but compared to AWS, we found that the difference between the third and lower places is quite small.

Please note that at the time of article creation, the ``time it took until the error occurred'' will be measured even when the Internet connection is unstable and it is not possible to connect to the cloud. Be careful if the ping value is too low.

They are also accepting requests for additional cloud services and regions.

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