Google plans to demonstrate quantum computers with 49 quantum bits (Qubits) within 2017

Currently, it is expected to have performance that surpasses classical computers that have been put to practical use "Quantum computerGoogle is developing a chip with Qubit (Qubit) number of 49 within 2017 and plans to demonstrate its performance.

Google Plans to Demonstrate the Supremacy of Quantum Computing - IEEE Spectrum

Google is a Google research institute located in Goleta, California, USA and is engaged in the research and development of quantum computers. The development of the quantum computer of Google is based on the acquired quantum computer technology of D - Wave, and "D - Wave 2" performed the performance test in 2014, but the quantum effect itself is confirmed It was the result that the performance of the thing was not so different from the classical computer in terms of performance.

The world's first commercially available quantum computer "D-Wave 2" bought by Google stumble in the performance test, resulting in a performance that is not so different from the conventional computer - GIGAZINE

Question marks were given by many computer scientists about the performance of quantum computers developed by Google, and one of them, Professor John Martinis of the University of California at Santa Barbara, joined the Google laboratory and the current quantum computer We are leading the development.

Quantum computers under development by Google are demonstrated in an extremely low temperature environment around 1 mil Kelvin (about minus 273 degrees), which is near absolute zero.

Quantum computer can take both "0" and "1" states simultaneouslyQubit(Qubit) is used, but Google is developing a quantum computer with a total of 49 Qubits on a 7 × 7 array. The number of Qubits reflects the performance of a quantum computer, for example, the number of Qubits required to decrypt an RSA cryptosystem with a 2000-bit public key with a quantum computer using the Shor algorithm in one day is 100 million It is calculated. Most of this 100 million Qubits are used not only for computational execution but also for creating special quantum states needed for error correction.

Because quantum computers with 49 Qubits developed by Google can not do extra processing such as error correcting functions, Google must establish another calculation method to demonstrate performance far superior to classical computers Is required. However, according to Martinis, the Qubit generated to create 49 Qubit arrays realizes the manufacture of a larger scale universal system with error correction function, demonstration of performance Not only has a big meaning.

In addition to Google to develop a large quantum computer system without error correcting function, in March 2017 IBM will put about 50 Qubit systems in the cloud a few years laterplanHas been announced.

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