Nature announces that quantum computer will shift from "research" to "development" stage in 2017


Research on "Quantum Computers" that can exceed the limits of physical computers is underway for practical use by Google and Microsoft, giants of IT companies and startups. Meanwhile, in 2017, Nature talks about the fact that quantum computers go beyond the stage of "research" to the field of "engineering".

Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017: Nature News & amp; Comment

Google has computational performance beyond the existing supercomputer since 2014,Quantum computer using superconductivityI am working on it. Microsoft willDevelopment of "topological quantum computer"We are pursuing research on quantum computers that operate with different theories. There are an increasing number of startups tackling the research of quantum computers, and Robert Schoelkopf who is a physicist at Yale University enrolled "Quantum Circuits Computer"And Chad Rigetti, a former physics scientist, IBM's former employeeRigetti Computing"It is said that it will reach technical milestones in the field of quantum computers in the near future.

Many of the research of quantum computers being conducted in various places are approaching the same point, so there is a necessity of physics experiment using quantum computer constituent devices demonstrated in research, Schoelkopf "The challenge is in" engineering ".

Although topological quantum computers Microsoft is working on have not yet reached the point where physical experiments can be done, Microsoft hired four research teams, such as Leo Kouwenhoven, a leading expert in this field from Delft University of Technology And that. Kouwenhoven said, "I tell the students that" 2017 will be a special year, "he said." It seems that there is a short-term prospect. Meanwhile, David Wineland of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, said, "Although we are optimistic about the future of quantum computers, we can see how long it will be in the long term There are researchers who are cautious, such as talking about it.

If a quantum computer is put into practical use, in a conventional computer, bits that can exist only as "0 or 1" can exist in two states at the same time "Superimposition"Or a phenomenon in which two quantum bits are simultaneously in the same state"Quantum entanglementBy doing so, you will be able to do massive calculations at once. You can read about the detailed quantum computer system by reading the following article.

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