International hot sports "Snowball Fight" that brings love and peace to the world

There are a number of Japanese sports such as judo, sumo and kendo, but many people have played oncesnowball fightIt seems that Japan is becoming a sport that boasts worldwide. Snowball Fight "or" Yukigassen "is spreading in Finland with people fascinated by snowball fighting in Japan.

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Located in the northern part of Finland, the city included in the Arctic CircleKemiyarviThe player who gathered in.

She wears her own suit and covers her helmet ......

Attitudes of war.

Battlefield is a snow-covered square.

"Yuki" means "snow" and "Gassen" means "war"

"So we came here today,"

A landscape of familiar snowball fight ...... but it is a real field where a barricade made by solidifying snow was tailored.

Also the figure of the staff wearing a jacket containing "Yukigassen" logo.

The snowball fight, which was a child's play, evolved from the 1990s to a sport of "sports snowball fight" and spread to countries such as Scandinavian countries, European countries such as Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, and why Thailand I am showing it.

"They (Japan) gave gifts, which is Yukigassen," said Ari Pöyliö (Ari Poilio), who is responsible for the Finnish snowball fighting group. When he visited Japan he touched the snowball fight and he seemed to have been attracted by its charm.

"Kemiyarvi we are in now is a city located in the Arctic Circle"

"It's located in the north too, and it snows a lot."

"Therefore, we can enjoy snowball fights every day and every week," he says.

Kemiyarvi is a place where famous snowball fighting tournaments are held in Europe.

A team from Japan will also visit and fight a battle.

The battle is done in 3 to 3.

By the way, in "International Rules", one team is supposed to be seven players, four forwards and Bucks. The game is 3 minutes 3 set match, the one who pre-empted two sets wins. In addition, rules are set such as to pull out the flag of the opponent's coat within the time (within 3 minutes) or to win at the time when the snowball is hit by all opponent teams.

International rules | Showa Shinzan international snowball fighting committee official website

Each team, 90 snowballs per set are prepared, the goal is to hit the opponent and knock down.

The battle of Finnish team versus Japan team started with the flute sound of the referee.

If you hit the opponent with snowball while using obstacles on the field, you can defeat the enemy.

And depriving the flag is also the goal of the battle.

"Snowball fight is a very strategic battle"

"There is no need for a strong force, moving quickly with a small body, it is important to throw a ball well."

Snowballs are made of such special equipment "Snow ball manufacturing equipment". Using a hemispherical mold to snow the snow from the top and bottom ......

It makes a snowball like a takoyaki.

"Snowballs have a certain weight, but they are not too heavy, so they are not too hard"

"When you hit an enemy you have to break well, even if you hit the head, you are not injured."

This game was the start with the Finnish team's victory.

However after shooting hands shake hands and fight each other's good fight.

The battle field of the snowball fight is not a place of "division" but also a place of "fusion".

"I love Yukigassen because I love Yukigassen, so I'd like to spread this sport and play with adults and children and have fun."

Children's sports and snowball fight seems to be now "battle" to realize world peace.

The organization led by Mr. Poirio is an organization belonging to Showa Shinzan International Snow Battle Executive Committee based in Hokkaido. On the website of the committee, official rules and how to make snowballs etc. are posted in detail, so it seems that people named "Ikko" may check it.

Showa Shinzan International Snow Battle Executive Committee Official Website

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