A cheese-backed loan is in Italy

ByDarren Cowley

In borrowing money from banks, Italy has a loan that is collateralized by "cheese", not collateralized by stocks or real estate. What on earth is it? A special mechanism that I think is released on the YouTube movie.

Banking on Cheese: The Bank That Uses Parmesan as Collateral - YouTube

A cheese manufacturer needs a loan.

Because he built a hut and bought a tractor ......

We also need a large amount of feed to raise cattle.

So, in the country of cheese Italy, a special loan called "You can lend you money with cheese as collateral" is made.

This story tells about three men and cheese worth millions of dollars.

First of all, Mauro Rossi who manufactures cheese.

In the place called Emiliano in Italy, the king of cheese "Palmigiano ReggianoWe manufacture it.

It is said that cheese of 60 wheels a day is made at the manufacturing site.

In terms of annual conversion, it seems that 20,000 wheels of cheese are made every year.

Where the card is separated from whey.I also tried cheese making at GIGAZINE, The scale is quite different.

The cheeses are lined up on a huge shelf is a masterpiece.

A loan is necessary to make such a large cheese. So, a cheese maker like Mr. Mauro will head to a major Italian bank called "CREDITO EMILIANO".

As with general loans, collateral is also required for cheese manufacturer's loan. Stocks and real estate are often used as collateral for loans, but in the case of Mr. Mauro, it is the cheese itself to be collateralized.

One of the bankers working at CREDITO EMILIANO is Fausto Philippi.

CREDITO EMILIANO also carries out general banking activities, but it is also a bank focused on supporting manufacturers of Palmetano / Reggiano.

Parmegiano Reggiano needs an aging period of 18 to 36 months ... ...

It is a special cheese that one wheel will be worth several thousand dollars.

The program that was collateralized by Parmegiano Reggiano itself was made because Palmegiano Reggiano is region specific and is a representative product.

Nonetheless, the bank does not store cheese next to cash or money in the cabinet. A special warehouse filled with thousands of cheeses is made.

It is Roberto Fulignani to appear here. Mr. Frignani is the representative of Tariaté General warehouse.

CREDITO EMILIANO leaves the cheese, which was collateralized by each cheese maker, in this warehouse.

"We are managing cheese on behalf of our clients," Fulignani said.

The number of cheeses managed by Frignani et al. Is about 300 thousand wheels, which is nearly 20 billion yen if it is made.

Basically, cheese is not something that value is reduced without any special care, but, "We, from the cow to the bank, you have to protect the investment in the manufacturing who," said Furinyani-san told .

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