The most expensive cheese in the world is made from "donkey milk"

Cheese made from milk or goat's milk is commonly known,SerbiaThe Zavisitza nature reserve of the mosque is made of donkey "Donkey cheese"Is present. It is the rare and expensive cheese in the world because it can only produce a small amount, but you can see why the cheese of the donkey came to be made by seeing the short documentary the producer talks about.

The World's Most Expensive Cheese Is Made from ... Donkey Milk? - YouTube

Below reflected in the world is Slobodan · Simic who is making cheese only from donkey milk in the world.

Donkey cheese is being made is a donkey farm in Serbia · Zasavica nature reserve. Here nearly 300 donkeys are raised.

But the donkey will only deliver milk in the fall, inevitably rare because it can not take a lot of milk like a cow or a goat.

One day, Mr. Simic thought "Why do not you see the cheese made with donkey milk?", And when I examine it, he seems to notice that "donkey's cheese" does not exist anywhere in the world. There is also a problem that milk of donkey is not only rare but it is difficult to make it.

Milk in donkey is often contained in milk and cheesecaseinThere is a problem that it does not coagulate properly by the usual cheese manufacturing method because it is not sufficiently contained.

The following is actually making donkey cheese, but it is a trade secret about the recipe that solidifies milk of donkey.

Compared with the usual cheese manufacturing method, it seems that it will take a long time to complete the donkey cheese.

Donkey cheese is becoming the rare and expensive cheese in the world because it can not be mass-produced by rare raw materials and a time-consuming secret recipe.

Furthermore, it is one of the factors that raise the rarity value that making cheese with milk of donkey is that only Cimic 's farm worldwide is made.

The finished cheese is packed in a container as follows and turned over ... ...

Completed in this form.

The cheese seems to be contained in the following paper box.

There is a golden paper box in the box, and there is a high class feeling.

There is only a little inside, but when you visit Serbia you are definitely wanting to eat cheese. The price is880 pounds per kg (about 127,000 yen)And that.

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