Beautiful visionary cheese 'Oscypek' made only in the mountains of Poland

With a beautiful pattern in the center, in the shape of a spinning thread that appears in fairy tales, '

Oscypek ' is a traditional smoked cheese made only in the southern mountain areas of Poland. Great Big Story is approaching Janina Rzepka, who has been breaking the tradition and making cheese that can only be tasted in Poland from the 15th century as the only female craftsman.

This Rare, Golden Cheese Is Only Made in the Polish Mountains-YouTube

The beautifully patterned cheese 'Ossipek' is said to be 'uncommon today, and can only be eaten here.'

Woman standing on the mountain.

'It's our passion to run a farmer as a shepherd. It's all about our lives,' said Janina Rzepka.

Janina Rzepka lives in the area of Bucovina Tatshanska in Poland. From around the 15th century, special cheeses have been handcrafted in this area.

That's Oszipeck.

It looks solid at first glance, but it can be seen that it has a smooth texture because it has a sharp knife.

This cheese is made by Mr. Rzepka, an Ossipek craftsman called Bazza. Mr. Rzepka is the only woman in dozens of bazzas.

Rzepka who works in a pretty kitchen.

Usually shepherds and men making Ossi Peck were men's work, and technology was passed from father to son.

However, Rzepka is a person who broke that tradition and became a bazza.

Rzepka learned to make cheese from her husband, but her husband was not taught by her father, and she learned how to make it independently by watching other bazza cheese making.

Rzepka who used to chase sheep.

And, like her husband did, Rzepka looked at her husband's work and learned to make cheese.

'My day starts early and ends late'

First go to the place where the sheep are ...

Milking. Milk quality is of great importance, as 60% of the Oszipek ingredients are sheep's milk.

We are very concerned about what kind of grass the sheep eat and how cold they are in.

'Every weather we take care of sheep and we are always together'

And take milk back to the shepherd's cabin ......

Put in a large copper pot and heat.

That's a huge pot at the end of Mr. Rzepka's hand.

The milk is then coagulated for one hour. Besides the milk, things like herbs are glimpsed in the cloth.

Mr. Rzepka kneads the cheese that seems hot. All the cheese making work is done by human hands and there is no curtain of machinery.

Add cheese to the hot water and knead it with your hands many times to make it soft enough ...

I will mold the cheese.

Then put the cheese in cold water, cool it once, and add it to brine. It is said that a large ostipepec can be salted for 24 hours.

After drying the cheese pulled from salt water, smoked side by side on a shelf.

Then the outside is dark brown ...

A cream sloppy ossipek is completed inside.

Rzepka says that all Ossipek is hand-made and has a unique, unique taste.

'Ossipek has been made by people here for a long time, here on Mount Tatra'

'I've been through generations and passed on. I can not think of anything else in my life.'

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