A documentary on "How to make Bourbon" taught at the distillery in Kentucky

Whiskey is "Scotch whiskey"Irish · Whiskey"Japanese Whiskey"Canadian · Whiskey"American whiskeyIt is calledThe world's five largest whiskeysIt is classified in the American whiskey, mainly in Kentucky StateBourbon · WhiskeyIt is famous. Documentary movie made around 12 distillery stations making such Bourbon "How Bourbon is Made (until Bourbon is completed)"Has been released.

How Bourbon is Made - YouTube

Bourbon manufacturing craftworker who talks about "science" the procedure until fermenting cereals.

"The way to make Bourbon has not changed for decades.The technology and skills change, but the manufacturing process is still together forever"

"Bourbon is a domestic product that America boasts to the world"

Bourbon being bottled by stream work.

Bourbon is a whiskey made from corn with 51% or more and less than 80% corn. If the proportion of corn exceeds 80%Corn · WhiskeyIt is classified into.

Three elements of time and carbonized oak barrel will form a deep flavor on the bourbon.

In the manufacturing process, the volume concentration of ethyl alcohol is 160proofDistill the distillation so that it is below the alcohol level (80% alcohol).

The distilled whiskey is adjusted to 125 proof (alcohol content 62.5%), and it is packed in oak barrels scorched inside.

There is no addition of fragrance or coloring.

In Kentucky state it is suitable for manufacturing high quality bourbonLimestone water"The water filtered by the lime layer called flow is flowing. Lime stone water contains abundant calcium that melts the whiskey's flavor, while iron that has a bad flavor is removed, so you can make a flavorful bourbon without adding additives Thing.

This is making grain flour.

Before crushing, drop it on a vibrating mesh and remove unnecessary dirt etc.

A large amount of corn of raw material is prepared.

In the following photographs we are doing a work called "mash", which was crushed into pieces and added to corn and starch, it turned grayish and muddy liquid.

Stir this machine, filter through cloth and extract.

Add malt to the extracted liquid and heat it with a large boiler machine.

I came to a fermentation room with big pots.

By adding yeast here, oxygen and alcohol can react and ferment.

It fermented and the surface bubbled with bangs. In this state it will ferment over 3 days.

In this state it seems that the taste resembles beer.

After 3 days fermentation, we will move to the distillery.

A solid lid that tightly adjusts the pressure on the distillation.

Distilled water flows in Dubadoba. On the wallJim beamIt is labeled and it seems to be a viewing space for ordinary customers like Yamazaki distillery.

The distiller looks something like this.

"Moromi" which fermentation is finished in is heated to Bokoboko, and we extract steam which goes up.

The shape of the distiller varies. From what is being used and having the age ......

Up to what is shiny.

The freshly distilled BourbonNew potIt is colorless and transparent, what is called.

Distilled spirits poured into the glass.

The craftsmen are strictly checking the scent and taste. As it looks like water, the alcohol level is over 60%, so please be careful not to get drunk even if you have a chance to drink.

There are different types of distillers, what is shown below on the left side is used for the first distillation called wash · still (beer · still).

This is the distiller used for the second distillation, it is said to be "double". theseSingle distillerCollectivelyPot stillName.

So after the distillation is finished, it is packed in a barrel of white oak next.

Barrels containing freshly prepared pots are arranged in a storage, and by storing for over 2 to decades, ripening progresses and changes to a flavorful bourbon.

"This is not due to temperature, it matures with the pressure in the barrel."

Because the inside is burned and carbonized, the ingredients of oak wax blend into whiskey like a tea bag. However, since the molecules of alcohol can pass through the gap of the closed lumber, the volume after aging is reduced to about half.

"There are times when the inside is empty as you open the barrel, the moment the chest hurts."

The bourbon which has finished ripening is injected into the bottle arranged on the belt conveyor with a machine.

You can see that the transparent liquid has turned into a deep amber color.

Tightening the cork is manual.

The horses' cap was characterized by what was being madeBruntonIt seems it was.

The movie ends with the words of a craftsman "This is the journey of my life".

The bourbon whiskey that only half of it takes time and effort lasts is a luxurious liquor and feeling. If you want to see the manufacturing process directly, Suntory'sYamazaki distillery,Hakushu Distillery, Nikka Whiskey'sYoichi DistilleryIt is also possible to know Japanese whiskeys different from bourbon, as they accept visits with others.

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