"Chicken ramen bowl Kimura" which reproduced the "Akuma Kimura" which becomes addict if you add eggs with authentic hotness Taste Review

Arrange recipe for chicken noodles that cartoonist Taniguchi Natsuko createdAkuma's Kimmler」Was talked about on Twitter, how official the sun is"Chicken ramen bowl Kimmler"Fulfilled as commercialization. I tried tasting by buying it immediately because I could eat Kimura of Akuma just by putting in hot water.

"Chicken Ramen Bowl Kimmler" (released on June 5) | Nissin Food Group

Here is the original recipe by Mr. Natsuko Taniguchi. Put the sesame oil in the pot and fry the kimchi, chicken noodles, chillin rice noodle, appropriate amount, eggs and then cooked in 500 ml of water.

It is the chicken ramen bowl reproduced it.

As raw materials, it contains chinese cabbage, seasoned eggs, chives and so on.

The energy per cup is 378 kcal.

In addition to the noodles, seasoning oil is included quickly.

If you open it quickly and put it on top of the noodles, a spicy fragrance drifts despite being dry.

So I put hot water and wait for 3 minutes. The seasoning oil must be warmed on the lid.

After 3 minutes, sprinkle seasoning oil ......

Combine well and it will be completed.

First of all, when trying to eat from noodles, it seems that seasoning oil is overpowdered, so it's like a hot spicy going through the mouth.

In addition to the taste of usual chicken ramen, the pungent taste of kimchi, the flavor of sesame oil and leek are working firmly, finished in a flavor that distinguishes it from chicken noodles that simply contained kimchi. The hotness level is not to say "spicy", but it seems better if you are careful for those who are not good at hard things, as sweat is coming out smoothly when you eat. One of the editorial staff who was not good at painful things was crying as "hot !!" after eating.

Sesame oil is also effective for soup, and taste is deep so I want white rice.

Although seasoned eggs are contained as quickly, it is a miso to put raw eggs after all if it says "Akuma Kimura". So we do not have to prepare eggs separately and try 'egg containing version'.

Place a raw egg on the egg pocket of chicken ramen, and if you hurry on it from above, you will be able to avoid hidden skill of eggs. When putting in hot water,At the commercial of chicken noodles appeared by Ms. Yui AragakiAs you do, if you try to sprinkle hot water gently on white ... ...

A good feeling "Shirota" has been completed.

When eating, the white part becomes a mild with a plump texture and it is completely different from the normal version.

The yolk part is finished to a semi-finish, and when putting "Puchutsu" and chopsticks ... ...

Tamago 's umami is messed with the soup' s taste, with lots of yolks involved in the noodles. People who like spicy foods may become unsatisfactory because it becomes exactly "spicy", but those who want to eat "Kimura of Akuma" which is close to the original, I recommend not to forget the eggs .

The price of "Chicken Ramen Bowl Kimler" is 180 yen per tax.

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